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These Three Teen High School Boys Skip Class For Some AssAdd Movie to your Favorites
Clayton Weaver, Mitch, Tim

Mitch, Tim and Clayton are in the studio together and today, they will be indulging in some three way action. All three of the boys were raring to go and as such, their clothes flew every which way in almost record time. Once they were naked, the boys sat back down on the bed and with a dollop of lube each, they worked on getting their cocks rock hard. Like with most Broke Straight Boys, working up a stiffy never takes long. When all three boys had dicks pointing skywards, they scrambled into their first position of the day; Tim sitting on the edge of the bed and sucking on Clayton's cock while Mitch knelt on the floor and swallowed down Tim's dick. Mitch bobbed up and down on Tim's dick; making sure to run the tip of his tongue along the underside of the thick cock, all the while, Mitch jerked himself off. There was no doubt that Tim was loving the blowjob from Mitch as he moaned in pleasure around the cock in his mouth even as Clayton encouraged Tim to go deeper by gently pressing on the back of his head.It didn't take long for both Tim and Mitch to start panting from all their hard work, both boys breaking off for a moment to lick up and down the shaft of the dicks they were handling, Tim even resorting to the true and tested straight boy shaft pump. Shifting things around, Mitch and Clayton swapped positions while Tim was still the filling in a man sandwich.Mitch was vocal right from the moment his dick slipped in between Tim's lips while Tim threaded his fingers through Clayton's thick hair and hinted for him to swallow more of his dick. Clayton, on the other hand, made good use of his tongue stud as he practiced his oral skills on Tim's cock. Every now and again, much to Mitch's pleasure, Tim went deep even as Clayton did the same. However, it was now time to get down to the main event. The boys scrambled into their new positions; Mitch laying down on his back as Clayton straddled his hips while Tim stood up over Mitch's head. With his ass well lubed, Mitch's cock slid up into Clayton's ass without a hitch, Clayton gently rocking back and forth even as he swallowed down Tim's long dick. As Clayton fucked himself on the thick cock, Mitch wrapped a hand around Clayton's shaft and started to put in some hard wrist action. Pausing to gather his breath, Clayton fisted Tim's long shaft, making Tim pant in ecstasy. With his mouth full of dick, Clayton took back control of his cock and jerked himself off. With a cheeky grin on his face, Tim decided that it was his turn to have a go at Clayton's ass. As Tim got himself prepared, Clayton knelt on the bed and spread his ass cheeks, showing off his freshly fucked ass to the camera and playfully slapping himself on the ass.Leaning down, Clayton slid Mitch's cock into his hot, wet mouth even as Tim thrust up into his ass. Setting a steady pace, Tim's hips snapped back and forth as he fucked Clayton's straight boy ass. Gently stroking Clayton's back, Tim angled his hips slightly, wringing a moan of pleasure from Clayton.By now, all three boys had worked up a sweat from all their hard work and it was only going to be a matter of a minute or two before one of them popped their loads. Reaching underneath Clayton, Tim helped him out by stroking his cock and encouraging it to stand to attention. Tim pulled out and rolled off the condom before jerking himself off at a hard and fast pace, all the while, Clayton lavished Mitch's dick with attention.A minute later, Mitch indicated he was ready to shoot his load so Clayton pulled off and rested his cheek on Mitch's thigh even as Mitch tugged on his cock. Only seconds later, Mitch sprayed cum into Clayton's shaggy hair and over the side of his face. Watching Mitch shoot his load prompted Tim into dolloping cum onto Clayton's ass cheek, rubbing it in with his cockhead.

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