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Kodi Sucks & Fucks His High School Buddies After School

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Kodi, Mitch, Tim

Three hot boys are in the studio today; Tim, Mitch and Kodi. They are going to be showing off their combined knowledge of cock sucking, plus, Tim will be the centre of attention. It was easy to see that all three of the boys were getting along together pretty well, which showed promise for an extra hot shoot. As the boys were fairly eager to get the show on the road, I got them to stand up and get naked. Clothes flying every which way, the boys were soon standing in their birthday suits, wiggling their bare asses at the camera. Mitch and Kodi gave Tim's ass a hard slap before sitting down on the sofa, Tim joining them in the middle. Wrapping their hands around their cocks, the boys started to put in some hard wrist action as they worked on getting their cocks stiff. Once all the boys had dicks pointing towards the ceiling, I told Tim to show off what he could do. Leaning over, he slid the tip of Kodi's thick dick into his straight boy mouth, Kodi instantly groaning in pleasure. Slowly bobbing up and down, Tim worked his magic on the very receptive Kodi. Not to be outdone, Mitch decided he would join the club as he swallowed down Tim's long shaft. Neither Tim nor Mitch were strangers to having a dick in their mouths, however, it obviously wasn't something that they often indulged in. These things didn't matter to Kodi however, as he was in 7th heaven from the feel of Tim's mouth around his dick. Coming up for air every now and again, Tim would pump the hard shaft while relishing Mitch's sucking. The boys swapped things around with the Broke Straight Boys wave going the other way. Tim swallowed down Mitch's stiff dick while Kodi lavished attention on Tim. With a hand on the back of Tim's neck, Mitch encouraged Tim to go down further, something Tim had no problems in doing. Jerking himself off, Kodi shot the camera his trademark sultry glance even as he slowly went all the way down on Tim's dick. Kodi decided to be daring, flicking his tongue around the head of the dick in his hand. Tim responded by gasping in pleasure, then, forcing Kodi to swallow every inch of his thick cock. Mixing it up a little, the boys hopped up from the sofa, Tim and Mitch kneeling on the ground on either side of Kodi who was still standing. Tim slowly slid Kodi's dick into his mouth, all the while, keeping a firm grip on Kodi's extra long ball sac. Kodi, like always, wasn't shy in being vocal and the room soon echoed with his verbal encouragement. Mitch kept himself busy by gently stroking Kodi's thigh before reaching up and rolling the loose ball sac in one hand. Swapping over to Mitch, Kodi hissed in excitement as he fed his cock into Mitch's hungry mouth. As Mitch worked hard on Kodi, Tim watched intently, stroking his own cock as he got more excited. Like Mitch before him, Tim couldn't help but reach out and pat Kodi's leg, then, play with his balls. Directing his dick back to Tim, Kodi was getting more and more turned on and it wasn't going to be long before he popped his load. Tim swallowed Kodi right down to the root, his nose nestled in Kodi's pubes. As Tim worked on Kodi's cock, Mitch tugged on his own dick even as he got closer to cumming himself. I asked Kodi if he was close to cumming, Kodi moaning as he confirmed that he was almost there. Taking control of his cock once again, Kodi jerked himself off at a furious rate even as Tim played with his balls. A moment or two later, he shot his load all over Tim's smooth chest. Sliding down onto his knees, Kodi tilted his face up towards Mitch's dick. Fisting his own dick at a hard pace, Mitch soon sprayed cum over Kodi's neck and chest. Now it was Tim's turn for the money shot. Once again, Kodi got in close towards Tim's dick, waiting patiently for his offering of cum. Tim was putting in some serious wrist action and only a minute later, cum dribbled down Kodi's cheek and rolled down his neck.

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