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Mark Slaps The Salami To Make Some Extra DoughAdd Movie to your Favorites
Mark Yates

Mark is the latest broke boy to grace the futon and is quite possibly, one of the shiest as well. He is in desperate need of money as he has just been kicked out of his grandparent's house and is living in a cheap motel, something he doesn't like. Even though he has a girlfriend of 5 months, her parents won't let him live with them and as such, he's on the look out for a better place to live. Mark has never jerked off on camera before so today, he's going to be doing something new. Shoes and socks taken off, Mark stood up and stripped off his sleeveless t-shirt, revealing a toned, muscular upper body that was a result of working out almost every day. His shorts taken off and placed to one side, Mark was left standing in his grey underpants. Turning around and showing off his ass, as well as the tattoo trailing across his shoulders, to the camera, I told Mark to do some body building flexes but Mark was too nervous to really do anything but the one pose. Taking off his undies, Mark pushed play on the straight porn and sat down on the futon, obviously ready to get things started. As he lubed up, I got a close up of his cock and low hanging balls. It was clear that Mark wasn't quite comfortable being naked in a room with another guy, let alone a camera. To help him relax a bit more, I asked him what his favorite thing was to do with girls, Mark quickly replying everything but then, with a shy grin, that his girlfriend going down on him was his favorite. I hinted for Mark to jerk himself off more slowly so that the Broke Straight Boys members could get a better view of his nice thick cock. The harder his cock got, the more flushed Mark got, his cheeks and chest almost glowing from the effort. I could see Mark was getting pretty close to cumming after a slow start so to break his concentration a bit, I told him to put his feet up on the couch, which he promptly did. Admitting that he was somewhat nervous, I got Mark to play with his heavy balls which in turn, allowed a nice view of his virgin ass. Mark kept shooting anxious glances towards the camera so to keep things rolling, I told him to lay down and jerk off again. Quickly scrambling into position, Mark gripped his dick with one hand and started putting in some serious wrist action but before long, he rolled onto his side so that he could keep watching the porn. Only a minute or two later, Mark was flat on his back again, his eyes half closed as he chased a private fantasy towards release. Not wanting Mark to cum too soon, I asked Mark to get on his knees, ass towards the camera, and jerk off. Mark did so, pushing his ass out as directed. As he jerked on his dick, Mark's heavy balls bounced up and down between his legs. Mark turned around and sat back down, fisting his rock hard cock as he got closer to cumming. His hand flying up and down his cock, Mark, with a loud grunt, spilled cum into his pubes, abdomen and down his shaft. Squeezing a drop of cum from the tip of his dick, Mark looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if he had tasted his own cum before. Saying no, Mark nonetheless scooped up a drop and wiped it along his tongue, laughing as he did so. 'Fruit!' was how Mark described the taste of his first drop of cum. Mark did really well for a straight boy in his first time in front of a camera so don't be surprised if he makes an appearance on BSB again in the near future.

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