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David Suggests To Have Girlfriend Play With My Ass

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Nathan, Kevin, Ridge

On occasion I will sometimes to do a couple of shoots in a day and I just have the models hang out in what we call the "green room" until we are ready to shoot them. This one particular day I had a duo and then a threesome scene planned for broke straight boys, and I started early with the duo. The problem didn't happen until we got to the cum shot and one of the guys was just needing a bunch of extra time to get off. At one point I knew that the guys were going to start arriving for the threesome shoot, and it was just a good thing that I had the receptionist there to at least wait with them until we were finished. Once I was done, I re-setup the shoot room for another scene, and had the three models come on in. Taking a seat on the couch we had Ridge, Kevin, and Nathan doing the threesome scene that was going to involve some fucking. Since the guys had a while to wait before we got started, they talked to one another in green room and actually planned out how things were going to go. Nathan was going to bottom, and then Kevin was going to do both. Ridge was just going to top only, and some day I told him he would have to bottom. The guys said that they were ready and so they stood to get undressed and peeled off all of their clothes. Completely naked they went ahead and changed the couch into a bed. As I asked if they were just going to start out with the fucking, Kevin pushed Nathan down onto the bed. Kevin got on top of Nathan, squeezing his ass cheeks in his hands, it was clear that Kevin wanted to fuck Nathan bad. They did decide to do oral for a bit to get hard first though. Ridge was on his knees with Nathan sucking on his dick, and Kevin was sucking on his. After a little they switched who was sucking who, but Ridge still stayed up on his knees. All the guys were hard, and ready to fuck. It was Kevin who was wanted to fuck badly. Nathan got ready and in position, once Ridge had the condom on he started to push inside Nathan. Ridge was going to get Nathan to take his dick first before he got Kevin's whose was much bigger. The fucking was going pretty good, and then Kevin wanted his turn at Nathan's ass. Nathan turned around to face the other direction on the couch and I reminded Kevin to take it easy when he pushed in. To remember that his cock was huge, and I didn't want Nathan freaking out. Once he was in, Kevin just worked up a steady pace. Ridge got in behind Kevin and it was time to try the train fucking, and so I wanted to see Kevin get fucked as well. When Ridge pushed in Kevin tensed up and his body started to shake and I caught most of it on camera. Nathan was good in that he just stayed quiet and didn't move a lot to allow Kevin to relax. They were able to keep it going for a few minutes before Kevin when completely soft. The guys switched things up and Kevin flipped over onto his back. Nathan sucked Kevin's cock while Ridge fucked Nathan in the ass. It seemed like Ridge was a trooper when I came to fucking and that he can just go for a long period of time. But, I wanted to give Kevin one more shot to fuck Nathan. The guys switched up and resumed fucking, and Nathan was getting a little more passionate with it now. Ridge was sitting against the wall jerking off to the video and the other guys were fucking in front of him. Kevin pulled out and was jerking off and it seemed like at any point one of the three was going to bust a nut. Sure enough it was the bottom boy, Nathan who came first. He shot his load straight up into the air with most of it going on the sheet in between his legs. Ridge was next to shoot his load and most went on his leg and arm. Now the last one to go was Kevin who was up on his knees, watching the video. His breathing started to change and get faster, and he shot most of it on Nathan and in his own hand. I told the guys that they did a hot job for the shoot, and they just laughed. All of them were dripping sweat and Kevin was the one that was covered in the most sweat. Nathan told Kevin that he needed to drink a bottle of Gatorade. Nathan stood up off the bed, and his cock was still hard as a rock and ready for round two.

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