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Malakai White Jerks Off All Over HimselfAdd Movie to your Favorites
Malakai White

We’ve got new guy Malakai White in the studio for you today and he’s ready to work his cock for cash as he preps himself for his solo scene.  Stripping down, he reveals a sexy and muscular body, tattoos and pierced nipples and a nice big cock!  He lubes up and lies on the bed, working his shaft in his hand, stroking it gently as he gets himself nice and hard, his cock growing bigger by the second as he yanks on it. 

He gets off the bed and stands up, continuing to stroke that big dick as he lets you appreciate his body from a new angle, his balls bouncing with each stroke of his hand.  But as he gets closer to cumming, he reclines on the bed again, letting his hand explore his balls and taint, slipping a finger into his tight little ass hole as he masturbates.  Kneeling on the bed, his body tenses and his muscles jerk as he brings himself closer to the edge until finally he reaches that sweet release, his thick cum cascading off his cock as he spills a huge load!

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