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Malakai White Slams Marcus Rivers 2

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Marcus Rivers, Malakai White

We’ve paired one of our newbies, Malakai White, with adorable and outgoing Marcus Rivers, who’s ready to show Malakai how we do things here on BSB.  Getting him undressed, Marcus goes down on Malakai, doing his best to deepthroat that long cock but gagging as he gets close, using his hand and tongue to pleasure Malakai as Marcus gets his own cock stroked gently by Malakai’s big hand.  Kneeling on the bed in front of Malakai, Marcus offers up his cock for to get some head and Malakai doesn’t disappoint, sucking that cock as Marcus moans for him before straddling him and sitting on Malakai’s hard dick. 

Riding him hard, Marcus moves his ass up and down Malakai’s bareback shaft, his own dick and balls bouncing helplessly as he fucks himself with Malakai’s cock.  Giving Marcus a break from the hard work, Malakai pushes him forward into doggy style as he gets behind him and pounds him raw, both guys moaning at the feeling of that throbbing cock stretching and filling that tight ass.  Marcus turns onto his back so he can stroke himself, his hand tight around his dick as he jerks it faster until he cums and Malakai pulls out to nut all over Marcus!

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