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Jacob Ryder

Jacob came to us because he came across the site and wanted to make some money. He is broke because he was driving down the street not paying attention to the car in front of him and ran into the car in front of him breaking his leg. He is 20 and came here to work on paying off some of those bills that he has inquired. I explained to him that this was a test shoot of just him in the scene. Then, if the shoot goes over well, I will have him come back for some more shoots in the future to make more money. Now, I asked him if he had a girlfriend, and he replied that he does. She doesn't know that he came here to do some work for us, I guess she thinks that he is working overtime at his other job.

I told him that I was going to pay him $100 for the solo shoot, and he started complaining about the pay. We started going back and forth about the subject of how much he wanted to get paid. I explained to Jacob that I would pay him the $250 that he wants but in return he has to give me a good show on camera. He then started going off on if it was going to used on a gay site, and I said that it was only him in the room.

Jacob stood up and peeled off his shirt and tossed it to the side. After he took his shirt off I could see that he had some muscle tone in his upper chest and the v lines were starting to show through his shirts. He continued on to the pants, undoing the belt and unbuttoning the pants to expos the briefs that he had on underneath. Sitting back down on the couch he started to play with his dick under the briefs. I noticed that he had some pubs and taking a closer look he trims and keeps it neat for the girlfriend. Jacob grabbed for the lube bottle and started to jerk off to get hard. After he took off his briefs I had him stand and show his ass to the camera. He looked to have a tight ass and I had him spread the cheeks, with one hand he pulled the cheeks apart for a quick peek at his hole.

Lounging on the couch he got more sprawled out and started to play with his dick again. I asked him if he ever asked his girlfriend to play with his ass and to my surprise he did say yes. He said that she isn't that comfortable with it, so he doesn't ask all that often. Jacob got into the jerking off more than I thought that he would and he started moaning pretty load. He got hard pretty fast when he started to concentrate on getting hard. I noticed that he started to slide his finger down to his hole and would start to tease himself. I tried to see if he would let me touch his boner, but he wouldn't have any of that. He continued on with jerking off and repositioned himself to a more comfortable spot.

Jacob was breathing rather load and for a second there I prepared myself for him to shot his load because he was acting like he was having an orgasm with the moaning and movement of his legs. He grabbed some more lube and started to jerk off. I tried to touch his cock one more time and he popped in with more money. I laughed and stepped back; he then told me that I could go ahead and touch it. I felt the tip his cock in my finger tips and it was hard, soft, and lubed up. That was the first time that a guy has ever touched him, and he said that it wasn't bad. He sat up and started to jerk off a little faster now on camera. As he did he would rub his chest and his nipples as he got turned on. Moving his legs up on to the couch and getting into a smaller position he prepared himself to blow his load on his stomach. The breathing and moaning was load, and he shot his load on his leg and it covered his dick. His load was thick in consistency as it laid there on his body. I asked Jacob if he would come back again for some more work and he said yes with a smile on his face. I am sure that he will come back because he said that he was going to be getting another wave of bills here in the next two weeks.

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