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3 Straight College Buds Fuck For Money

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Jacob Ryder, Kyle Archer, Morgan

Jacob and Kyle came back to me for another shoot and this time they had no idea what I had in store for them. I asked them both what they had done with their money they made last time and it had gone towards bills, and the bank. Morgan came into the room and took a seat on the couch in between the guys. Morgan is bisexual and sat there very nervous not knowing how the other two guys were going to take things. As soon as I opened my mouth, and told them that it would be cool if they would suck on Morgan's cock both started getting mad with me. They told me that I said last time they weren't going to have do to suck another dick. When I told them that they didn't have to suck dick, just had to fuck Morgan they both got up and walked out. I followed them out into the parking lot trying to see if I could get them to come back inside. Both guys said that they weren't gay, and paced around the parking lot. When I told them that I would pay them $1500 to do the scene with Morgan and all they had to do was come in fuck him and cum. They agreed to do the shoot, and we moved back onto the couch. Everyone started to take off their clothes and the two straight guys stood up to take off their shirts. Morgan leaned over and took Kyle's cock in his mouth and started to give him head. Kyle was getting turned on by the blow job, because he was getting hard and moaning a little bit. By the time Morgan had sucked on it just for a few minutes, Kyle was harder than a rock and enjoyed it. I had Morgan switch and start to suck on Jacob's cock. At first I could tell that Jacob was holding back from showing that he liked it, but then he started to let out some moans and talk. Congratulations to Morgan for being able to get both these guys hard. Going back to Kyle, Morgan was able to keep that boner hard by using his mouth. I asked Morgan if he had ever rimmed anyone before, and he said yes. Then, I asked Kyle if he had ever been rimmed before and he said no. This was something that started to make him nervous and I told him all he had to do was left his leg and turn on his side. As soon as Morgan got his tongue in there for the first time it started to tickle, and the moans started coming. Moving on with the shoot I told them that it would be great to start the fucking and they got the room ready. Kyle got in behind Morgan, while Jacob got in front and got his dick sucked. There was Morgan in the middle bent over like a dog, enjoying this good fucking. Kyle would change up the speed and his angle sometimes getting as much of his cock in as possible. Morgan rolled over to his back and Jacob got in behind him to start to fuck him. He said that he just wasn't going to be able to do it, but then I had Kyle go back to fucking Morgan. Jumping right in there Kyle made sure to go a steady pace, and that even got him to cum right on Morgan's cock and balls. Morgan took some of the cum and jerked off with it, using the cum as a lubricant. Then, Kyle took over jerking Morgan off for a little while and Morgan shot his load all over his chest. The load made it up past his nipples. I was glad to see at least these two guys were able to give me cum shots. I look forward to seeing if Kyle will do some more shoots with us in the future.

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