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Graham Brady Sucks Flint's Hard Cock

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Graham Brady, Flint Harris

The world is always a better place when BSB newbies get together to learn a few things. In this update we have Graham Brady and Flint Harris. Both lads have done solos, but Graham has a smidgen more experience after being nibbled all over by Jason Matthews. We learn Flint needs as much cash as possible due to a shopping addiction. LOL! Watch Graham's eyes widen as Flint talks about buying $160 pants. "Basically you're havingsex with guys to supplement your clothing allowance,"the cameraman asks. Flint agrees with that assessment :-) Graham is still cell phone-less. He's not having a fit of nerves, but isn't sure how the scene will go. "Wild. Kind of crazy," he offers. Both studs strip and sit back on the coach jerking. Graham opens his mouth wide and sucks first. Someone took to his lessons. :-) The curly cutie goes up and down the shaft, even fondles Flint's balls. Graham doesn't seem to have a gag reflex. Flint is quiet, but his toes are curling. We know what that means. Someone is happy with what's going on. LOL! Now call me old fashioned, but a good blow job deserves a kiss. Maybe one day Flint will learn that lesson. Plus, it is Graham. How would anyone not want to kiss that face? :-) Graham gets on his knees. Flint grabs a few curls to guide that wet mouth. Doesn't really need to. Graham knows what to do. Slurps up and down the shaft, with the occasional sucking sound. Even looks up in Flint's face. It's been said some dudes get cuter with dick in their mouths. Graham is a member of that group. Graham pulls off and jerks the rod. Alternates between sucking and stroking. Even makes sure to give those cum heavy nuts a tongue bath. Flint's frankfurter is covered in spit and pre-cum. Graham jerks his gadget and Flint's at the same time. You can tell Graham is ready to nut by the look on his face. His jizz covers his hand. It's time for Flint to bust one. Graham strokes his scene partner's crank, giving it the occasional deep throat. He looks at Flint while pleasuring him. Flint is blissed out, toes curling on themselves. His hand hits the couch, those meaty thighs twitch and a load plops out. "I'm a little light headed," Flint notes. "You smell like cum," Graham observes. Not a bad odor, no? :-)

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