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Jake, Sean And Tommy Fuck Hard To Pay The Bills

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Jake, Sean Flech, Tommy

Tommy, Sean, and Jake are back for another shoot and I had them introduce themselves to the camera and to each other. Tommy is straight, Sean is saying that he is bi and that it was here that he messed around with guys for the first time ever. Jake is gay and he is getting to mess around with two other guys today on camera. Tommy stood up and went for his clothes, and when he got down to his underwear I told him to show his ass and what it looks like. Then, Sean did the same thing and he thought that it was funny to show his ass to the camera. Then, Jake was wearing his nice underwear to show off his ass. I thought that it was going to be fun to watch Tommy fuck the other two guys. Sean was getting really pissed off that Tommy thought that he was gay, and tried to make it clear that he liked girls too. I decided to have the Sean and Jake suck on Tommy's dick, so Tommy moved to be in the middle of them. Then, the two guys started to go to town on the his dick. It was really hot to watch the two of them lick the dick and even start to turn each other on doing it. After the guys went for a while then, I had them switch and Sean got in the middle of them. Jake was the first one that started to give Sean head, and Tommy was watching him to get a good idea of how to do it. Then, Jake paused for a moment and pointed the dick at him to see if he would get started. Tommy grabbed the cock with one hand and used his mouth to go up and down. He last a few seconds giving head, but it was a start. He stood up and Sean started to give him head. The three of them did their rotating and giving head to one another. I had them take a break for a moment so that we could stop and change the couch into a bed. I had them get in a 69 circle and I made sure that I wanted to capture the straight guy giving head more for the first time. This time I only had them go for a few minutes before I had them stop and get ready for the fucking. I was going to have the straight guy fuck the other two guys. They decided that Sean would go first and so the got into position and Sean made a big deal off camera about how he wanted to ride the dick so that way it wouldn't hurt as much. He make me wait to start filming until he was good and ready because he didn't want to look like a pussy. Changing positions around Sean got on his back and Tommy started to fuck the hell out of him. Jake then wanted to move in and fuck Sean and they didn't pause for long to start the fucking back up. As they were fucking Tommy got on the back of the bed, and was jerking off. Sean then wanted to do some pay back and so he made Jake get on his knees. As Sean made his cock in his ass he started really slow and was talking to him to get him to stay in the mood. I told Tommy to put on a condom and fuck Sean at the same time. He wasted no time getting in Sean and a gay moment popped out as Sean was surprised by the entry into his tight ass. The three guys were fucking but it was hard for them to be serious because they were just messing around having a good time. The three of them then sat by each other and jerked off so that we could get a good cum shot. I was curious as to which guy was going to go first and last. Sean was the first one to blow his load all over his stomach and the other guys pretty much shot their load a the same time. Tommy leaned over and came on Sean's arm, and then Jake want on his lower stomach as well. It was really good that they all three came at about the same time. Now, they wanted their beers to drink. All the guys headed to the bathroom for rags. Who knows if we will see them again.

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