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Skakeboarders Jerk & Suck For Cash On Camera

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Jake, Tommy

I found Tommy behind a local store skate boarding and I thought that he could do some modeling for me. So, I gave him the spell and when we got to my car I had him show me his ID before we went anywhere. Tommy came by to checkout some of the new camera equipment and to make some easy modeling for showing off his skateboard. I told him to come by and model for me a little bit and I would pay him $100 for letting me take some pictures. Tommy is 21, and always in need of some money. I then told him if he would jerk off that I would pay him $200 for a quick video. He was bitching about the pay and he wanted $600 and I got to keep the tape of him jerking off. I asked him the last time that he jerked off and he had sex last night. Plus, I though in a trick question of when he last fucked a guy, and he said he is only into girls. Tommy stood up and he showed his muscular, tone body to the camera. He pulled his pants down and he sat there on my couch playing with himself in his underwear. I told him that I would put on a video or that I had someone to help him out. Then, I had someone in the other room that would join in the shoot. Jake walked in and took a sit on the couch next to Tommy, and boy did Tommy start to get nervous. He pulled up his pants and was going to walk out, but when we started talking more money the conversation started to turn. He wanted $1000 to let Jake give him head, and so the pants came back down. Jake leaned over and took the semi-limp dick in his mouth and started to suck. Jake made sure to keep his eyes closed while he received the oral. I could tell that of course he was enjoying it as his cock went from limp to full blown hard. That is when Jake himself was getting a little turned on by giving the oral and moved down to the floor in front of him on his knees. I was aiming the camera up to catch his face and the action and I saw that Tommy was opening his eyes a little to watch. Tommy grabbed a hold of the back of Jake's head forcing him to do deeper. Tommy laid down on the couch and Jake continued to stay on his knees giving head. I told Jake to take off his shirt so we could see what he looks like. That got the attention of Tommy, but it didn't stop him from enjoying the bj and hand job. He kept his hands over his head grabbing a hold of the arm rail on the couch. He even started to have an orgasm and wanted Jake to go faster. Tommy changed positions so that he was sitting up on the couch and Jake jerked him off. It took a while for Jake to be able to get him off, and Jake even signaled to me that his arm was getting tired. That is when he started to breath deep and he let out a couple of fucks as his cum shot up on to his chest. Tommy came a large amount on his chest and lower stomach. He flipped me off when I told him that it was worth $1000, and he didn't want his girlfriend to find out.

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