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Joey Conrad

You have to fall for anyone who uses the word "swell." That is how Joey Conrad describes his day with BSB.

The cute as a button newbie needs a quick infusion of capital. He just recently moved and his lady friend is 3 months pregnant.

"I'm really willing to do anything for some extra cash," Joey says to the cameraman.

"Anything," the cameraman asks with a tinge of surprise.

"Anything," Joey repeats.

"Oh, wow. I like your attitude already," the cameraman says.

It took the 18 year old awhile before he learned it's possible to masturbate without harming your dick (his story will amaze a few of you). Because he's not getting any from the mother of his future child, he jerks off two to three times a day. Horny lad!

Joey is a skinny lad, but when he gets naked there are two things worth noting. His dick looks like it could be a monster when it gets engorged (grin), and his booty is tasty. Will he let it be used? :-)

He's nervous when he starts stroking. Keeps looking straight into the camera. Soon enough he gets into jerking his meat; it is a hefty hose. Easy to imagine people being drawn to it. :-)

Only old heads will get this reference, but when the camera gives us a side view Joey looks like a young Bob Hope. Anyone else catch the resemblance? :-)

When asked, Joeyquickly offers a view of his backside. The lad even fingers his hole! He admits he's played with that juicy ass on occasion. How can you not love him now? Joey tries to get two fingers in his booty, and moans when he moves those digits around. It's been ages since we've had a newbie so comfortable with anal play!

He gets on his back to focus on busting a nut. His stroking gets faster and his face contorts.

"About to cum," Joey announces.

His bumper load squirts on his chest and stomach

"Damn that felt good," he says.

Was it good for you too? :-)

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