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Kyle Harley

Meet Kyle Harley, a pretty young man from the Bluegrass State. When asked how things were growing up in Kentucky, Kyle has nothing but positive things to say about his home.

"I attained a pretty good accent. Nice mountains up there. I love to go hiking."

He discovered jerking off when he was 11yeas old. Unfortunately he was discovered by his father because he didn't get the power of silence. :-)

"I tend to make a lot of noise," Kyle said with a smirk.

When it comes to self stroking, he only does it about twice a week. Seems like he gets a lot of sex, which is easy to believe. From personality to body hair, Kyle is the type who can make gals (and guys) go wild with lust.

Unlike a majority of BSB newbies, Kyle isn't feeling any camera nerves. Could be because his girlfriend once videotaped them having sex. :-)

He sits on the couch and starts stroking, and he's right! Kyle is a loud moaner! LOL! Better turn down the volume on your computer.

"Yes," he moans as he slow strokes that southern fried meat.

The camera lingers on Kyle's hairy chest. He changes positions and there is a lovely view of that hairy hole. The little minx isn't only a moaner, but is willing to push his boundaries. Kyle doesn't hesitate when asked to finger himself.

"Have you ever done that," the cameraman asks.

"No, but I'm willing to try," Kyle replies.

Those purrs get even louder as a digit spreads his crack.

"Oh yeah," Kyle whimpers,exploring that hole.

"I can try two fingers," he offers.

Two of those digits spread that ass and once again he heat moans. Are we seeing a bottom stud in the making? :-)

Kyle changes position for one last time so he can bust a nut. His bloated dick slaps against his tummy as he jerks, and those sex sobs echo throughout the studio.

Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum."

And he does shoot an abundant creamy load that drops on his mid-stomach and the couch.

Is there anyone out there who doesn't want to see Kyle again? :-)

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