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Damien Kyle

The start of the work week would be worse if there were no "newbie Monday." LOL Today we have Damien Kyle on the casting couch. He's from Massachusetts (via Florida). While he's wearing clothes that can be typically found on basketball courts, he's no fan of b-ball. His sports are football and soccer. If he had to choose, football gives him the better chance to display his aggression.

"Go right after the quarterback, he explains.

When asked about jerking off on the camera, he has an answer that could be our motto.

"Who doesn't like getting off," Damien says with a laugh.

He doesn't jerk off often, he does have a girl, but if she's not around he knows how to handle himself.

Damien is slightly nervous, but is trying to play it cool. He does the relaxed routine rather well, especially when he shows what he's packing. His body is lithe and lean, with a well defined stomach. You'll have dreams about his ass!

When he sits back to down to jerk off, Damien gets all into it. Beating his meat furiously and moaning. This session is even a little sexier than most because he keeps his shorts on. Like he's worried someone is going to walk in on him. :-)

The shorts eventually get pulled off. Damien reaches for the lube . His dick short of resembles him. Thin and sexy. The type of meat you could play with before heading to work. LOL!

"Oh, fuck," Damien moans as he jerks at warp speed.

He lies on the couch, stretching out those sexy legs. There are attempts at slow stroking, but that don't last long. Damien keeps focused on getting off, not paying the camera much mind.

"Oh, shit," he moans.

And the cumming starts. The first spurt lands on his abs, and the rest of the man goo covers his cock.

"That was fun," Damien notes after calming down.

"Yeah, it was," the cameraman responds. "Thanks for sharing."

"Hope you enjoyed the show," Damien comments as he points to the camera.

Did you? :-)

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