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Ayden Troy, Johnny Forza

When today's episode opens two BSB favs, Johnny Forza and Ayden Troy, are taking it easy on the
couch. Lovers of feet will notice how their piglets bounce off the floor.

To steal from the Oracle in "The Matrix Reloaded," "Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way"
(Gloria Foster was such a sublime actress). This vid is presented out of order. Ayden says it will be
his first time sucking dick. We've seen him go down on dudes before (most recently Gabe was
made extremely happy with Ayden's tongue). At least for today, he's not pleased at all with the

"Probably going to be pretty shitty," Ayden says when asked to describe how the "ordeal" will go.

Johnny Forza will be putting his meat in the curly-top's sweet mouth. Our Garden State stud always
looks nervous when the camera is on. There is a mystifying conversation between the two about
what they would get rid of first: blow jobs or cheese. If you understand the gist of their responses
drop a note. Some of us at BSB are still perplexed.

Clothes are tossed aside and the two sit down to self jerking. Johnny will suck first. He puts his
head in Ayden's lap and gets to town, His face might scrunch up, and he gags occasionally, but
Johnny is a good pole slurper. Keeps it juicy and knows when to swirl that tongue on the head.
Ayden isn't saying much, but his pogo stick is enjoying the attention.

It's time for Ayden to learn some skills. At first he can easily deep throat Johnny because the
Jersey boy's johnson isn't at full mast. While we are talking bout Johnny's johnny, the boy has
some marvelous balls! The kind that need a warm mouth bath.LOL

Johnny grabs his partner's locks and pushes his head down.

"You have to go further than that," Johnny demands. "Get it nice and hard."

This might be Ayden's first time, but he gets the power of wet. He slobbers all over the meat as it
gets bigger. His partner decides to get more comfortable by lying on the couch. Johnny wants
Ayden to gobble more meat, but we all know how newbies can be. Worried about their gag

"Yeah. Keep it nice and wet," Johnny suggests.

Ayden pulls up and spits all over the tool, leaving a trail of juice that reaches his hand.

"Jerk that dick off," Johnny orders.

Ayden strokes his own toy as he sucks his partner. Even uses his own spit as lube. Dirty boy!

"I want you to cum," Johnny says.

Ayden busts a healthy nut with Johnny's sausage in his mouth. Too bad no one licked it up.

Johnny takes matters in his hand, jerking himself until a load shoots out like a water fountain.

When asked how everything went down, Ayden doesn't sound like he wants to join the gay team.

"Sausage in your mouth. Choking. Pretty basic," he notes.

Johnny is queried about Ayden's skills

"Pretty good. Needs to watch the teeth."

Who can argue with that? :-)

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