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3some Fun With 3 Classmates Involves Lots Of Sucking

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Davin Marks, Tony Marks, Marcus

Marcus is back for another shoot and he called me for some more work. He wanted to make some more money than just the $200 for the last shoot. I explained that his was going to be another test shoot and that I was going to bring in some other models and that he didn't have to worry. The other two guys came in and took a seat on the couch around Marcus. I explained to Marcus that the girls wanted to see a tape of the guys messing around with other guys. He said that he wasn't down for doing anything with the guys. I explained that I would give him $500 for letting these guys suck his dick. Marcus was not happy with me and wanted me to call off the shoot. I explained to him that he was the one that really needed the money and that the girls wanted to see this tape before they would work with him to know that he was serious about working in this industry. Both Tony and Davin were brothers and had a fantasy of messing around together with a straight guy. So, I thought today that I would be able to make that happen for them. All the guys stood up to get undressed and Marcus moved out of the middle to pull off his clothes. The brothers were quick to take their clothes off, so that way they could get a better view of the straight guy undressing. I had the brothers start by kissing Marcus's nipples and of course they couldn't keep their hands off of his cock. He had never had his nipples licked and kissed like that before so he was kind of laughing having it done. Tony worked his way down to Marcus's dick placing it in his mouth and starting to give him head. As Marcus got hard, it was easier for Tony to deep-throat and take all of Marcus's cock in his mouth. Tony then allowed his brother Davin to cock on Marcus's cock for a while, as Marcus was busy trying to focus on the porn that was playing in front of him. Little noise was coming from these three guys as they messed around. Tony started to kiss his way back up towards Marcus's upper body, and I ask Marcus how they were doing and he said good and went right back to watching the porn. After a while I wanted to put some pressure on Marcus and see if I could get him to suck some penis. Now, we really had to negotiate on the price of what he would suck two penises for, but when we had that done. He started with Tony's dick first and would barely stick it in his mouth. I told Marcus that the dick was not going to bite him and to try and stick it all the way in his mouth. I also didn't want the brothers to go limp so I tried to get Marcus to try some new techniques after a while, like using his tongue. At the same time Marcus was getting his dick sucked by Davin. Switching over to Davin, Marcus took a hold of the penis and did the exact same thing to Davin's penis as far as only putting a little bit of the cock in his mouth. Davin started to us his hips a little bit and push up inside Marcus's mouth. After a while I had Tony move over Marcus so that he could suck on his brother's cock to show Marcus how it was done. Then, was not going to let him off easy and made him start to give head again and then Tony was licking Davin's balls at the same time. With all the oral going on, Davin got turned on and made Marcus sit back for some more action. All three guys sat up and started to jerk off next to one another so that we could get some good cum shots. Tony could not keep off of Marcus what so ever, and was licking his nipples and touching his thighs. Marcus laughed at me and told me that he wanted some lube so he could finish. He was nice and offered the brothers a squeeze from the bottle.

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