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Marcus Athletic With Nice Bush Jerks Off

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Marcus is 19, straight and he wants to get his girlfriend a necklace for the holidays. I explained how this was an interview shoot and that if he does well then I would have him come back for some more work with better pay of course. When I explained that I could put him with some girls he was all down for that and the money. This is how Marcus normally dresses and he is originally from California and he moved here around a year ago to Florida. I had Marcus stand for us and he said that he did some weight lifting. He took off his shirt and revealed a very nice stomach and chest. I could tell that he had the surfer type body. Taking off the shorts, he was in a pair of briefs and had him turn around on camera for us to show the ass so we could see what his ass really looked like with the underwear off. He finished taking off his underwear and took a seat on the couch. Starting with putting some lube on his cock, Marcus was very hot, as sat there watching the porn jerking off to the images of the girls getting fucked. He seemed to be jerking off pretty fast on camera, and I told him that if he wanted to lay down that he could if that would be more comfortable. Marcus was sitting there concentrating and then all of a sudden he shot his load all over his stomach and he didn't give me any warning that he was going to go. Of course, I was kind of mad that I didn't get a longer show from Marcus or that he didn't let me see more of his body. However, I have my way with getting paybacks so I hope to have him in here soon for another shoot, and I am sure that I will make it be with a couple of guys for a nice surprise.

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