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He Likes To Slobber On My Sausage Before Fucking Me

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Zane Tate, Trey Evans

When it comes to ass sex, there are two types of bottoms. The dudes worried a huge dong will do irreparable damage. The second group are guys who can't wait to be stuffed and mounted. Trey Evans is a card carrying member of the first group. He's heard many things about the size of Zane Tate's member and is ready to start so the pain will be over. Quickly. "Let's just do this," Trey says. "Get it over with," Zane asks. 'Yeah," Trey responds. "Sounds like he's excited. 'Let's do this,'" Zane adds. "Ecstatic," Trey answers with a smidgen of irony. :-) As Trey plays Debbie Downer, convinced he'll not sit right for a week, the lads get naked. Before he puts his mouth on Zane's member, Trey admits he worried about how how the scene will play out. All of this is quickly forgotten the second Trey begins to blow. He's all energetic and juicy, getting Zane hard for his future duty. Look at Zane's face. He is super pleased with his partner's skills. Even tries to push Trey farther down. Have you seen Zane's toes curl this much in a previous scene? How about all that thigh twitching? :-) Trey pulls off the hard dick and lets Zane do some work. "Oh shit," Trey says as Zane slobbers all over his sausage. Zane deep throats, but he's an amateur when it comes to a gag reflex. However, he likes what he's doing. He remains hard and his little piglets twist in the wind. It's time for the main event. Trey lubes up and Zane dons a condom. Our bottom boy gets on his side, and brings those knees to his chest. His hole is exposed and vulnerable, but that's the point! LOL! You can tell from Trey's sharp breath intake that he feels every inch of Zane's zucchini. "Oh, fuck," Trey moans. Zane is taking what he wants. Once he opens that hole, he's deep dicking. Not offeringTrey an opportunity to get used to the booty takeover. "Take that dick," Zane mutters. "Holy, fuck," Trey whimpers. He puts his hand on Zane's thigh to keep him from going so deep, but Zane isn't in the mood for niceties. "Oh, my God," Trey says. "Fuck, yeah," Zane responds. Trey shouts more filth, but it's hard to blame him with Zane's persistent stokes. "You like that," Zane wonders. Trey's response is muffled because his mouth is filled with Zane's fingers. "Good," Zane shoots back. There is an extended shot of Zane's behind and it's impossible not to imagine someone treating his luscious ass the exact way he's giving it to Trey. :-) "Oh, shit. That feels good," Trey groans. "Holy, fuck." Zane repositions his bottom so he's on his back, one leg on Zane's shoulder and the other on the bed. Zane pulls out completely and gives a bird's eye view of Trey's hole. It's red and puffy, but that's to be expected. LOL All of the pounding pushes Trey over the edge and his cum splatters his chest and stomach. Zane, turning polite (!), pulls out and jerks his load. It commingles with Trey's. When asked how everything went, Trey only smiles with a succinct answer. "Oh, my God. Oh, my God." An apt description, no? :-)

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