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Blake Bennet & Gabe ParrilloAdd Movie to your Favorites
Blake Bennet , Gabe Parrillo

The last time we saw Blake, his hot little ass received a workout from Ayden. Today he will share the BSB stage with newbie Gabe Parrillo.

The sexy lads share a chair when the vid starts; Gabe apparently takes style tips from Thelonious Monk because he has an aqua blue cap on his head.

"I get to share my skills," Blake says with his sexy grin. "You're going to learn a lot."

"I'm ready," Gabe replies.

Once we are done here, Gabe has some shopping to do. He wants to add to his wardrobe and get a phone.

"It's good to know you'll suck dick for a phone," the cameraman says.

After some thinking of what the cameraman would call his own personal phone company (ideas?), Gabe pulls down his pants. He sits in the chair and Blake feels him up. He strokes Gabe's inner thighs and chest. The relatively new newbie is pitching tent, and Grab takes hold of that sausage. He kisses his partner's dick through the underwear fabric.

The underwear is soon removed, and Gabe's gadget is at full attention. Blake slowly stokes it as he nibbles on Gabe's milky white thigh. Those hairy balls get a tender Blake kiss. In fact, Blake is slow loving Gabe's meat. He kisses the shaft and gives the head some loving licks.

"You like your head being teased," Blake asks.

Gabe only gives a laugh. Blake keeps up the erotic teasing, licking the goo pipe like it's the last ice cream on earth. BSB old timers will be hard pressed to remember a blowjob this sensual.

"Like that," Blake inquires.

"Definitely. It feels amazing," Gabe answers.

In case you don't believe him, look at Gabe's toes. They are curled into the shaggy brown carpet. LOL!

Blake reaches for his bat and balls and, predictably, he's ready to cut some diamonds. So Gabe is ready to return the favor. Blake gets off his knees, and offers his beef missile to his partner.

"Fuck yeah. It's about time I got my dick sucked," moans Blake.

Gabe has quickly learned the power of slow. He sucks Blake with an unhurried ease, making sure to pay close attention to the sensitive tip.

"Not bad. Not bad. Tease the head," Blake suggests.

Blake wonders if his student can deep throat. Gabe isn't sure, but Blake says give it try. He does and gags.

"It's all right man," Blake encourages. "It takes some skill." Such a patient pedagogue.

Gabe plays with some cum/spit juice as he keeps sucking. Gabe starts to face fuck his partner, and almost blows a load. Gabe eventually gets a milky surprise. He jerks Blake's leaky faucet, looking into Blake's face.

"Don't stop. Don't fucking stop," Blake demands.

Gabe follows his lesson until his chest has a covering of Blake's man slime. Blake returns the favor and strokes his partner. Gabe encourages him.

"I'm right there dude," Gabe announces.

And he was. His stomach gets soaked with his cum. When both have calmed down, Gabe asks how he did

"Actually you got me off," Blake observes. "That says a lot."

It does. What other lessons should Blake teach Gabe? :--)

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