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Trey Evans, Johnny Forza

It's the moment we've all been waiting for.

Ever since his first solo, New Jersey stud Johnny Forza has been throwing cold water on any return trips. Yet the guy has already made two action vids for BSB.Today he's going to cross the ultimate line: filling another guy's ass with cock.

He's no stranger to backdoor love, he's popped a few female cherries, but Johnny still isn't all into gay sex.

"It's pretty weird like everything else you had me do, but the money pays," said Johnny.

Trey Evans' hole will have the pleasure of being Johnny's first, but even Trey is uncertain about man-on-man loving.

"Just not normal. I guess," Trey adds.

Despite all of this vacillation, the performers take off their clothes. Has Trey been working out? He's looking a bit more muscular. LOL! The cameraman asks them to turn around, and Johnny slaps his scene partner's ass.

They get on the bed and stroke their meat. Eventually they help each other out. Poor Johnny. He refuses to look when his hand is on a guy's stiff rod. Underwear are put the side, and Trey puts Johnny in his mouth.

The slurping sounds echo in the room. Trey has turned into an energetic cocksucker.

"He's doing all right. He's no girl, but," Johnny replies when asked how Trey is doing.

The sucker insists he has not been practicing at home. Let's allow him that tale. :-)

Trey is hard as he licks Johnny's pink head.Johnny tries to act like he's hating it, but we all know straight guys like a hot mouth.

Soon enough Johnny returns the favor. Trey is all smiles as the muscled stud settles into his job. Johnny lacks Trey's enthusiasm, and doesn't believe in deep throating, but did you see his toes curl at one point? Is he enjoying this more than he hoped? As for Trey, he's certainly having a good time.

Fucking time arrives. Trey assumes the position, all fours, and Johnny puts on a condom. After lube is put on, the sausage is put in the oven.

"Oh, fuck," Trey whimpers.

Expletives spill out of Trey's mouth because Johnny is a machine. He wants to get off so he's going balls deep with each stroke. Don't feel sorry for Trey. The pain must be pleasurable because his dick keeps bouncing against his stomach.

Trey is put on his back and Johnny keeps up the pace. Our bottom is looking for relief and he starts jerking his blow pop. His man juice squirts out and covers his pale chest. Pay attention to how Trey grabs the sheets. His joy button must be getting tagged with precision.

Johnny pulls his joystick out of that hot hole and jerks a milky nut that fly all over the place. He looks all confused because you can tell he loved that ass but didn't expect to. As for Trey, he's a gleeful bottom with a well-used hole!

Who should be next for a Johnny jackhammer ride? :-)

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