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This Slacker Would Rather Make A Quick Buck Doing Gay Porn

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Gabe Parrillo

Gabe Parrillo is a classic slacker. The 19 year old lives with his girlfriend. He doesn't go to school or work, and the days are spent watching movies --- hopefully one day he'll look at Charles Burnett's "Killer of Sheep." :-) Cash is hard to come by, so he's here in the BSB studio for some clothes money. Not many will clutch the pearls over Gabe's sloth ways because he's a prototypical twink. Skinny, smooth, and giggly. Despite his bubbly personality, he's a bit put off about jerking it in front of a dude. "Nervous. Very," he says when asked how's he feeling. He's not a constant stroker, but here is something everyone will love. When asked to give a peek of his ass, Gabe pulls down his shorts and leans against the couch. With no prompting! "Assumed the position already," the cameraman wryly notes. Mmmmmm. Hopefully this is a sign of something good in the future. Gabe sits back on the couch, with only boxers on. He goes into detail about his stroking schedule, but alone time is scarce when you live with someone. "Hard to jerk off when you live with a girlfriend," notes Gabe. "You got to wait until she goes to the grocery store or if you get into a fight." The conversation turns to porn and Gabe looks shocked he's asked if he watches. Of courses he does! :-) MILF and cougar porn are his favs. Even had a go at a 30 year old once. All of this porn talk, and stroking, has made the lad rather quiet. He looks in the camera with a "I need someone to suck me off" look. When the boxers are tossed, he's erect. Gabe is into this solo. His feet slide on the floor, and the toes curl. The slacker turns even cuter biting a lip. On his knees he feels himself up, caressing those brown nipples. The young man is virtually hairless. Even his pubes only have a light dusting of hair. When he lies on the couch, it's easy to understand why Gabe's girl allows him to stay home. His look in the camera is a mixture of hotness and vulnerability. Everybody falls for that combo! What's impressive about this solo is Gabe requires nary dollop of lube. For all the heavy breathing, he's a mellow cummer. His load erupts all over that silky belly. When he regains some composure, we get a grin and chuckle. Come on back, Gabe! There are more things you need to do! Plus, you can never have too many clothes.:-)

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