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Trey Evans

If you're going to model with BSB, it's smart to come up with explanations for friends and family to
account for the absences. Of course you could just say, "Hey Ma. I'm going to Florida to jerk off for
money," but that isn't the best idea when asking mater to pass the mashed potatoes.

Newbie model Trey Evans has weaved two stories, one for his girlfriend and the other for his
parents. His lady friend has the "I'm traveling" tale.

"She thinks I'm here with a friend. A vacation," he says.

As for his folks, they are certain he's with another friend in his home state. You gotta love a lad
who can juggle the stories.

He describes his first sexual experience as blow job from a mademoiselle when he was 14.
Hopefully she enjoyed Trey's foreskin! If she didn't, there are a few BSB models who will.

"I love head," he confesses.

He admits to being weak for breasts (who can blame him) and being slightly anxious.

"Kind of nervous. Camera in my face," he sheepishly adds.

Despite this initial wariness, Trey follows directions well. Soon enough he's naked, showing us the
goods. His pale chest is hairless, the legs have a coating of brown hair, and his arms have a sexy
farmer's tan. When he gets hard, his breathing turns strained.

The head, covered by the foreskin, goes pale red when the newbie reaches full mast.

He stands up and the camera gives us a view of his ass. You'll like that back view.

When he gets back on the bed. he laughs. Not sure if he's skittish, excited, or both. Trey has an
endearing habit of fondling his chest/stomach with his free hand. Wonder if those nipples are

When asked to show his man hole, he does so with no objection. Doesn't finger himself, but
instinctively spreads those cheeks.

When it's nutting time, the stud softly murmurs, "I'm going to cum." Good golly, Miss Molly! Trey
was telling no tale. He leaves a trail of liquid love from the navel to right below his chin.

The scene ends with his endearing beam. Bring it on back, Trey. Bring it on back.

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