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Clayton Weaver, Kodi

Two hot boys, Kodi and Clayton, are in the studio today. Clayton is going to get his ass thoroughly fucked by Kodi. Last time he was here, Kodi used the dosh he earned to buy himself a scooter, however, he had an accident on it and as such, he needs some more cash in order to repair it. Clayton, on the other hand, is just happy to have the chance to get some easy cash. The two boys stripped off their clothes, dumping them on the floor. Clayton turned around and flashed his bare ass to the camera, Kodi giving him a couple of good slaps to one cheek. Clayton and Kodi hopped up on the bed, sitting next to each other as they lubed up their semi hard dicks. Putting in some wrist action, they worked on getting their dicks hard.

Both boys were hard in almost record time, leisurely stroking their stiff dicks. At my hint, Kodi and Clayton reached out and grabbed each others cocks, sliding their hands up and down the rock hard shaft. It wasn't long before Kodi decided to dive down and get a taste of Clayton's cock. Although he couldn't get all the way down, Kodi lavished the stiff dick with attention, all the while, he stroked his own cock. It was obvious that Clayton was loving the feel of Kodi's hot, wet mouth around his dick as his toes were flexing in pleasure. Kodi paused every now and again to pump the shaft, taking the opportunity to gaze seductively into the camera lens. Swirling his tongue around the head of the dick, Kodi then sat back as it was Clayton's turn to return the favor. Right away, as Clayton swallowed down the long cock, Kodi was muttering dirty thoughts to himself. Clayton bobbed up and down, Kodi's low hanging balls jiggling in response. Jerking himself off as he sucked cock, Clayton managed to go all the way down with some help from a heavy hand on the back of his head. 'Oh yeah', moaned Kodi, completely entranced as he watched Clayton lick the head of his dick.

However, it was now time to get fucked. Both boys got themselves ready before assuming the position; Clayton on his elbows and knees on the bed while Kodi stood behind him, ready for action. Sliding into Clayton's tight ass, Kodi set a steady pace straight away. Right from the start, Clayton was gripping the edge of the mattress, moaning in pleasure as Kodi's thrusts got faster and harder. Raising himself up onto his hands, Clayton looked behind himself, watching as Kodi fucked him. Kodi's hips snapped back and forth as he drilled Clayton's ass, his heavy balls slapping gently against Clayton's thigh. Gripping Clayton's hips with both hands, Kodi pulled him in closer, riding the ass for all it was worth before pushing Clayton onto his back. Clayton got himself settled, spreading his legs wide as Kodi knelt between his thighs. Hammering into the tight ass like a locomotive, Kodi tightened his grip on Clayton's ankles, holding them up and out of the way.

Reaching down, Clayton started to stroke his dick, rolling his balls every now and again. By now, both boys had worked up a heavy sweat and it wasn't going to be long before one of them showed off their cum shot. Like his previous top scene, Kodi was aggressive in his fucking style, something that Clayton looked like he was enjoying. Both Kodi and Clayton were moaning in pleasure as they got closer to their respective orgasms and it was easy to see that they were both enjoying their time together. Sure enough, as he tugged on his cock, Clayton came first, cum spilling over his stomach and pubes. Kodi pulled out, the condom thrown onto the floor. Wanking himself off at a furious pace, Kodi dripped cum onto Clayton's chest and down into his armpit.

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