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Broke Straight Boys is very pleased to introduce our newest boy, Kodi. He was told about BSB by a friend and as he has just turned 18, he decided to contact BSB to see if we were interested in working with him. Kodi was pleased when we gave him a call as he desperately needs some extra cash in order to buy a new car so that he can get to school and also take his girlfriend, Samantha, out on the town. Although he hasn't done anything like jerk off in front of a camera before, Kodi is cash strapped enough to give it a go. Still laying on the bed, Kodi slid off his jeans and underwear, his t-shirt following and revealed a toned body with hints of a six pack.

Wrapping a hand around his cock, Kodi quickly worked on getting a hard on and after only a few minutes of tugging on his long dick, Kodi was rock hard. Rolling his hips, Kodi slowly fucked his fist, all the while, panting as he got more and more turned on by the porn. Kodi shifted onto his knees and as he did so, he showed off quite an impressive set of low hanging balls that gently swayed back and forth as he kept fucking his own hand. As he started to get into the flow of things, Kodi was panting in pleasure as he relished the feel of a tight hand around his thick shaft. Every now and again, Kodi looked at the camera, obviously turned on by it's presence and unable to resist flirting with it just a little bit. As his hand slipped back and forth along his shaft, Kodi moaned to himself as he got lost in the moment.

At my suggestion, Kodi turned around and lay down on his stomach. As he pushed his clothes out of the way, he pulled his cock down between his legs so that it could be seen between his legs. With a tight grip on the mattress, Kodi began fucking the bed as he would his girlfriend. The longer he kept fucking the bed, the more he began to rub his dick up and down the bed sheet, obviously relishing the friction. By now, Kodi was panting from all his hard work. Moving back onto his knees, Kodi reached between his legs and started to jerk himself off again. Head down, bum up, Kodi's hand was flying up and down his cock even as he shot a sultry glance towards the camera. Reaching behind with both hands, Kodi pulled apart his ass cheeks, allowing the camera a great shot of his virgin ass. I told him to slap his ass and with no hesitation, Kodi gave his ass cheek a hard slap.

That seemed to have turned Kodi on all the more as he grinned widely even as he massaged the red handprint that decorated his ass. Pressing his face down on the bed, Kodi jerked himself off in earnest as he chased an orgasm. At my hint, he shoved his dick through his legs again before rolling back over and sitting up against the head board. Cock in hand, Kodi stripped his dick furiously, only pausing to dab some lube on his dick. As he grunted and groaned in pleasure, a jet of cum shot over his stomach and thigh before it dribbled down his shaft.

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