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Bradley Was A Virgin Until Chad Popped His Cherry

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Chad Michael, Bradley

The ever popular Chad is back is in the studio today along with Bradley. Although Bradley has been partying hard since the last time he appeared on camera, his toenails are nailpolish free while Chad has been putting in extra hours at the cinema but still needs more dosh. Chad is going to be popping Bradley's ass cherry, not to mention, breaking in the new futon. As both boys were fairly anxious to get the show on the road, they stood up and stripped off naked in what had to be record time. Turning around to face the wall, Chad and Bradley showed off their well formed ass cheeks, Chad reaching over and giving Bradley's ass a couple of hard slaps. The boys sat back down and jerked themselves off, and after only a few minutes of hard wrist action, they were ready to get going. Chad decided he would do the honors so he leaned over and slid Bradley's cock into his hot, wet mouth.

Up and down, up and down, Chad bobbed his head, glancing at the camera every now and again. Right away, Bradley was loving the blowjob as it was clear that Chad knew what to do with a dick in his mouth. Chad even admitted that it wasn't too bad while Bradley just grinned in appreciation of Chad's efforts. Even though it was Bradley's first blowjob by another guy, he told Chad not to stop. Before too long, it was time for Bradley to show Chad just how much he had learned during his time at Broke Straight Boys. Chad sat back and enjoyed the way Bradley handled his cock. While Bradley wasn't too experience in regards to sucking another guy off, there was no doubt he was making up for it in enthusiasm alone. Gently pressing down on the back of Bradley's head, Chad hinted for him to go deeper. Bradley accepted the challenge and managed to swallow most of Chad's big dick but had to pull off as he choked when the head brushed the back of his throat. Like a pro, Bradley kept slowly bobbing up and down, his mouth full of cock, until Chad decided he wanted to switch it up a little.

Kneeling behind Bradley, who was on his elbows and knees on the futon, Chad buried his face in Bradley's ass. With an overload of enthusiasm, Chad lavished the virgin ass with attention. As he jerked himself off, Chad swirled his tongue around the tight hole, all the while, Bradley enjoyed the attention. Chad reached up and started to leisurely tug on Bradley's cock, ensuring that Bradley was going to be as relaxed as possible for the main event. Finally, Bradley was ready to get down to business. Standing behind him, Chad slowly worked his cock into the straight boy ass. Chad was able to set a slow but steady pace, all the while, Bradley made sure to concentrate on his breathing so that he didn't tense up. While he was feeling some discomfort, Bradley was also feeling pleasure as he started to moan quietly. Soon enough, Chad thrust harder and faster, making Bradley pant loudly. The boys switched positions; Bradley flipping over onto his back, his ass up on the arm of the futon while Chad drove his cock home in one hard thrust. Right away, it was easy to see that this new position was better for Bradley as he was able to jerk himself off, his dick getting rock hard in no time.

With a tight grip on Bradley's ankles, Chad held the legs wide apart as he fucked the virgin hole. By now, both boys had worked up a sweat from all their hard work and it wouldn't be long before they were ready to cum. His hand flying up and down his cock, it looked like Bradley was going to pop at any second. However, on impulse, Chad leaned down towards Bradley for a kiss. Although he was surprised for about a second, Bradley rose up to meet Chad and locked lips with him, the two boys sharing a passionate snog. Echoing a trend from older BSB videos, Bradley and Chad sat next to each other and wanked themselves off. Only a minute or two later, cum shot over Chad's stomach. Now it was Bradley's turn and mere seconds passed before cum dribbled down Bradley's shaft and into his pubes. Chad loved watching Bradley' cum so much, he couldn't resist diving in for another hot and heavy kissing session, and Bradley certainly didn't mind another round himself.

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