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Billy, Tyler Graham

Billy and Tyler are both back again for some more work and this time they are wanting to do some work to come up with more cash of course. They blew through their last checks rather fast on bills, gifts for the girlfriends, and Billy had a party as well. I offered them $200 to do a shoot and this time they don't have to touch. They looked at me with faces saying, "That's it!" I explained how this month was tight for me too, and that I had to pay rent and that if they wanted more money they were going to have to be comfortable working with each other and sucking dick. Both guys are straight and have the girlfriends that don't know what they are doing. Tyler started asking about the girl that I was talking to that was suppose to be on set, and I explained how she was on her way and I didn't want them doing anything else but jerking until she got there. I asked Tyler to suck Billy's dick for an extra $50 and he questioned me on that he didn't think they were going to have to touch each other. I then doubled my offer and he said that he really needed the money and he said that he would give it a shot. Tyler got down on his knees in front of Billy and placed his hand on Billy's leg. With his mouth open wide and his eyes closed Tyler proceeded to put the cock in his mouth. Slowly he placed his lips around his cock and pulled back his head. We were watching a straight guy give head for the first time to another guy, I told him to "Suck it like you like it!" Billy kept playing with his cock to keep it hard, for Tyler to keep sucking on. Concentrating on the head of Billy's penis Tyler then used his hand to jerk off Billy at the same time. Billy commented that Tyler was doing a good job giving head. I decided to have them switch it up and to have Billy suck on Tyler's cock for a change of pace. Billy started to get upset that I asked him to give oral and I had to shut off the camera, so that we could leave the room to talk. I explained to Billy that I didn't want to make him uncomfortable but I knew that he really had to come up with the money to pay his bills again. He agreed with me after thinking about it to give it a shot. We returned back to the couch and both guys took a seat and we started taping. I told him that I would give him another $100 for doing it for me, plus really we were just waiting for the girl to show up on set. Billy moved to his knees in front of Tyler and started to suck on his dick slowly. This was the first time for Tyler to get his dick sucked by another guy as well. While getting his dick sucked Tyler was playing with nipples. His breathing started to speed up and he took his cock out of Billy's mouth. Obviously, Billy had the right touch because he came right away on his lower stomach. Billy took a seat next to him on the touch and started to play with himself. I told Billy to shoot his load whenever he got ready for it. When he got close he pointed his dick in the air and ended up shooting his load right on his lower stomach. He put on a good show and since both guys seemed to get off for us, I will have to reschedule the girl to come back another day when the guys don't get off. Shoots are always a good time when straight guys mess around for the first time on camera. I look forward to seeing these guys again in the future.

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