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Tyler From Texas Stokes His Cock For Cash

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Tyler Graham

Tyler is 19, from Texas and is here going from school in Florida right now. He has a girlfriend and with the holidays coming up he has some shopping to do for his girlfriend. I explained to him that we were going to do a solo shoot, and then from there he would get him in to doing a shoot with some other girls. Of course, he had no objection to that. Tyler doesn't work out, but he does run and when he took of his shirt it showed that he was in great shape. He had the farmer tan going on where his face, neck and arms were darker than his chest. I had him stand up, so that we could see his back and he showed me his tattoo. Going for his pants he had on some boxer briefs, and he took a seat on the couch and started to rub himself. It didn't take Tyler long before he had this boner that wouldn't stay in his pants. Pulling his cock through the fly he jerked off for just a short time before slipping the briefs to the floor. Sitting there naked on my couch Tyler looked very hot, because in the lighting it was showing how muscular, and tone. He didn't really get aggressive when he jerked off his cock. Slowly pulling on it and rubbing his body with his other hand he was turning himself on. After a while he wanted to lie down on the couch to get a little more comfortable. Laying there he jerked off and while doing it continued to rub his body. Pay close attention and you will see that Tyler is a guy that moves his legs a lot when he gets excited. As he gets closer to coming they start to move fast and faster. Tyler's breathing starts to pick up right before he is about to cum. I even had a brief moment when I could see the pre-cum on the tip of his penis. Aiming his cock at the camera hot, steamy cum shot right out of his dick. Dripping down the side, it ran all over his hand and lower stomach. Afterwards Tyler even ran his hand in the cum and spread it all around. Tyler was relieved when he was done, and said that he would come back again. Especially, if he got to do a shoot with a girl, and made some more money. I look forward to having Tyler back again for some work in the future so stay tuned and find out what happens when he comes in next time.

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