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Rocco, Matt, Vinnie

The members of Broke Straight Boys is in for a really hot scene today as we are lucky enough to have Matt, Rocco and Vinnie in the studio, all looking to put out for some more easy cash. I had talked to the boys off camera about a few things in order to get them more comfortable and after some discussion, it was decided that Matt was going to get his cherry popped for $600. Surprisingly, Matt admitted that he had had a girlfriend's finger up his ass before, not to mention a slim sex toy. The boys quickly stripped right down, each one playing with their dicks as they sat on the futon. Despite his appearance of reluctance at being in the studio again, Rocco was rock hard in barely 5 seconds while the other two weren't far behind him. As Matt and Vinnie worked on their cocks, I got Rocco to measure how long his dick was with a result of 7.5 inches. Now that Matt and Vinnie were fairly hard, I got the boys to start sucking dick and in a shout out to the original BSB, they formed the Broke Straight Boys Wave with Rocco turning to his right and swallowing down Matt while Matt did the same with Vinnie. Right away, Vinnie had his hand on the back of Matt's head, pushing down even as he said that he was enjoying the blowjob. Matt even tried a bit of deep throating with Vinnie's thick dick but didn't get down too far, nonetheless, it was full points for trying. Next, Rocco gave it a try as well, only to quickly pull off Matt's cock as he choked. They swapped, Rocco sitting back as Matt sucked on just the head of his cock while Vinnie jerked both himself and Matt off. His head bobbing up and down, Matt had Rocco breathing heavily in pleasure so he had obviously learnt well during his last visit with BSB. Pulling off, Matt complained his jaw hurt but a minute later, he went right back down on him. Soon enough, Matt was ready to get fucked so Rocco rolled on a condom and lubed up his dick. I told Matt that he should sit on Rocco's dick as he would be in control of how deep the dick was going to go in. With Rocco shifted over into the middle of the futon, Matt crouched over Rocco's lap and slowly lowered himself onto Rocco's thick dick. A grimace on his face at the new sensations, Matt braced with one hand on the back of the futon as he tentatively rode Rocco, all the while, Vinnie sat, pulling his own cock as he stared at Matt and Rocco. Even with a dick all the way up his ass, Matt's cock was still fully hard so clearly, Rocco was hitting all the right spots. Despite saying it felt 'difficult', Matt lifted his balls up so that there was a great view of Rocco's dick thrusting in and out of his ass. Vinnie kept watching Matt fuck himself on the hard cock, fisting his own dick all the harder as he got more turned on. As it was a difficult position for Matt, I told Vinnie to give him helping hand, something Vinnie appeared quite eager to do as he wrapped a large hand around Matt's long cock and started jerking him off. Finally, Matt's legs couldn't take the position any longer and he hopped off Rocco. After a few minutes breathing space, the boys were ready to go for the next round. Matt knelt on all fours on the futon, Rocco standing behind him sliding right back into the straight boy ass. Matt couldn't help but groan as the cock filled him again, Rocco slowly thrusting in and out. To help Matt take his mind off his ass, Vinnie stood in front of him and fed Matt his stiff cock while Rocco set a steady pace. As Rocco rode his ass, Matt looked like he couldn't decide if he liked the feel of a cock up his ass or hated it. Vinnie, regaining control of his cock and jerking off furiously, announced he was about to cum and sure enough, as he collapsed back against the futon, Vinnie spurted cum over his thigh before it dribbled down his hand. Matt was next, proving he was a trooper by being able to cum while being fucked. Matt jerked off over the futon, liberally sprinkling the covering with cum. Last but not least was Rocco. Pulling out of Matt, he fisted his dick and sprayed over the futon, his cum mixing in with Matt's.

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