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Best Friends Ditch School To Suck And Fuck Ass

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Rocco, Brody

Broke Straight Boys is happy to have back two popular models; Brody and Rocco. With a bit of chit chat out of the way, the boys quickly stripped down naked before laying down side by side and jerking off in order to get ready. As Brody and Rocco put in some hard wrist action, Brody kept glancing over at Rocco's long dick before admitting that he was nervous about what was going to happen. I told Brody to give Rocco a hand job, so Brody reached over and wrapped his hand around Rocco's cock and gave the shaft a few half hearted pumps before letting go. After telling him to do it properly, Brody grabbed Rocco's dick again and slowly jerked him off, all the while, Rocco just grinned. After a few minutes, Rocco said that Brody wasn't doing a very good job so he showed Brody how he liked it. Somewhat reluctantly, Brody resumed the handjob, albeit, a little roughly for Rocco's liking. However, it wasn't long before Brody complained that he was getting tired so I said for him to go down on Rocco. Not too keen on the idea, nonetheless, Brody turned over onto his side and scooted down the bed so that his head was level with Rocco's crotch. Mouth open wide, Brody bent down and swallowed the head of Rocco's cock. Rocco rested a heavy hand on the back of Brody's head, pushing down every now and again as he hinted for Brody to go deeper. However, Brody quickly said that he wasn't able to take too much cock at once. Still, as Brody pumped the shaft and sucked on the very head of his cock, Rocco said that Brody was doing pretty good before asking just how far Brody could go. Brody wasn't too sure but quickly slid the long cock down his throat to around the halfway point before choking. Going right back to the blow job, Brody allowed Rocco to direct how fast he was moving back and forth on the cock, Rocco saying that he liked it fast. A few minutes later, Brody choked and pulled off, wiping at his chin and swearing before going back down. Up and down.. up and down.. up and down went Brody before coming up for some much needed air and asking if he was done yet. With a sly grin on his face, Rocco grabbed his own dick and declared that Brody wasn't quite finished. I told Brody to blow Rocco as if he was trying to make Rocco cum. Saying that he didn't know how to do something like that, Brody leaned back down and slid the cock back into his mouth. Rocco, once again, took control and directed how fast and deep he wanted Brody to go via a hand on the back of Brody's head. Only a minute into the blow job, Rocco was happy with how it was going, stating that Brody was doing a good job. As he watched Brody bob up and down, he asked Brody to gag on his dick. Although taken aback at the request, Brody did as asked, going down deep before almost instantly pulling off as he did indeed gag. Now, it was time to get down to the main event. With both boys lubed up and ready to go, Brody lay on his stomach with Rocco kneeling in between his spread legs. Slowly but surely, Rocco worked his way into Brody's tight ass. Setting a steady pace, Rocco thrust in and out of the straight boy ass, Brody grunting on each thrust. As Rocco slowly fucked him, Brody turned his face towards the camera, where it was clear that he was in some discomfort. Speeding up a little, Rocco starting thrusting a bit harder only to pull out a moment later for some more lube before slamming his cock home once again. The position wasn't easy on Brody so I told Brody to stand up and brace himself against the bedhead and for Rocco to take him from behind. Another squirt of lube and Rocco was able to slide back in with ease and it was obvious that this new position was much better for both the boys. Rocco was riding Brody's ass hard and by this stage, both boys were dripping in sweat from their hard work. As he fucked Brody, Rocco said Brody's ass felt just right. Rocco announced he was just about ready to cum so he pulled out and started jerking off as Brody sat up on the bed. As Rocco got closer to cumming, I told Brody I would give him an extra $200 for Rocco to shoot on his tongue. Brody wasn't keen on the idea but money talks so he closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue. Hopping up and standing on the bed next to Brody, Rocco gave his cock a two or three more strokes before he came, cum shooting across Brody's nose and cheek before dripping down onto his tongue.

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