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Sean Carter

Broke Straight Boys has a newbie on the futon; Sean Carter. Even though Sean works as a sever in a restaurant, too many bills are sending him broke. 24 year old Sean is at BSB to do his solo shoot and make some money so that he can afford to move in with his girlfriend. Although he is straight, Sean knows that BSB is gay owned and operated and as such, is keeping an open mind about things. I got Sean to stand up and as he was taking off his t-shirt, he told me that he was 5' 7", 160 pounds and that his hair was more strawberry than blonde.

Sean also took off his tank top, revealing a pale but toned upper body that was decorated with a couple of tattoos. Stripping off his jeans and size 8 shoes, Sean, still clad in his white underpants, showed his ass to the camera before sitting back down on the futon. Once the straight porn was playing, Sean threw his undies to one side and started playing with his cock, however, he did admit that he was a little nervous. As Sean jerked on his dick and rolled his balls in his hand, he kept looking at the camera, obviously ill at ease with someone else other than his girlfriend being in the room with him at such an intimate moment.

Shifting around so that he was lying on the futon, Sean jerked furiously on his hardening cock, his heavy, low hanging balls bouncing up and down. Once he was fully erect, Sean relaxed into wanking off for the camera. Still shooting glances towards the camera, it seemed as if the thought of some anonymous person watching him jerk off was turning him on. Grasping the base of his cock tightly, Sean fisted the shaft hard and fast, obviously not far from climaxing. Only a few more minutes of hard wrist action when, without a word, Sean came, cum dribbling down the shaft, onto his hand before pooling around the base of his cock.

Sean did a great job and when I asked him if he wanted to try doing oral with another guy, he quickly said that he would give it a go and as such, make sure you look out for him in a later update.

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