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Shane, Lee Grant, Damien Ford

Lee was doing his first shoot with us here at Broke Straight Boys, and I setup up to do the shoot with two other straight boys. I had lee com into the studio room and take a seat on the couch, and we started with a little introduction to get to know him. I found out that he is 22 years old, has a wife and a baby on the way. With the baby expenses and rent Lee was starting to get in a behind, so he researched to see how he could make some extra money to get back on his feet. Lee has never done anything with a guy before, but when I asked what he was open to his response was receiving head, giving hand jobs, and topping a guy. Not interested in bottoming at all. I had Lee stand up and he is 5'10", and one thing that I pointed out was that Lee lost a lot of weight when compared to his driver's license when he weighed 240 pounds. Lifting up his shirt I had him show his stomach so that we could see what his stomach looked like and it was flat with some muscle tone. I explained that I was going to call the other two guys in the room to join us and we would continue the shoot from there. Both Damien and Shane have been here many times before, so they were a perfect match to bring in to work with Lee. I explained that we would see how things go, and that we would work the pay out in the end and everything would be fair. Pointing out that Damien was possibly going to bottom for his second time, I knew that he was not too terribly excited. The guys knew when I asked them to stand that it was time to get undressed. Taking off their shirts first, then they continued on to their pants, stopping at their underwear. I asked them to stop at their underwear just so that we could get them rubbing their dicks outside their underwear. After we talked for a minute the guys worked on getting hard, and all three of them pulled their dicks out to jerk off when they got big enough they didn't fit in their underwear. That's when I asked Lee how big his cock gets when he is hard, and he said somewhere around 9 inches. Lee slipped his underwear off and I had Damien start to give him head, so that he could have his first experience with a guy giving him oral. Damien did it and Lee's reaction was that he immediately put his head back and was enjoying it. The blow job must have been good, because Lee wasn't showing any signs that he didn't like it. I asked him to reach over and jerk Shane off to see how he would do giving a hand job to another guy. He took a hold of Shane's cock and squeezed it lightly as he began to move his hand up and down. Damien called it quits after a few minutes of sucking and was ready to have Shane take over. Shane did just that, and I noticed that Lee didn't watch the porn really at all he just kept his eyes on his dick getting sucked. With as many shoots as I have used Shane in, he is straight, but that boy has learned how to suck good dick. He had Lee moaning a little bit and when Shane would stop to lick the tip of Lee's cock. I knew that we had transformed this straight boy into a dick sucking machine. But, shhhhh . . . . . don't tell him that. I asked Damien if he was ready to give anal a try. All the guys got themselves and the room ready so that they could fuck. Damien wanted to stay on his back, so he got into place and lifted his legs up into the air. Lee moved in behind him and grabbed one leg to hold it up, and from there he directed his dick towards Damien's asshole. Moving very slowly Lee's dick entered the tight hole, causing it to stretch and Damien was handling it much better than the first time. Keeping to a slow pace Lee was beginning to fuck, and I had Shane put his dick in Damien's face. From there I told Damien to give head, and it would make the pain go away. After it seemed like our bottom boy was getting much more relaxed, Lee was able to go much faster and deeper. Shane was stroking his dick and he gave me a warning that he was about to shoot his load. When he came he shot his load right onto Damien's chest. The other two boys fucked for a bit longer, and Damien was actually able to get off while they were fucking. He had a good size load, and that had to be from his prostate being rubbed by that big dick. Lee continued to keep going until he got to the point that he was ready to cum, he quickly pulled out and wrapped the condom off. He shot his load on to Damien's lower stomach and from there he sat back. All the guys were ready to get their money, shower, and get out.

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