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Introducing Tall Handsome Newcomer James Blond

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Get to Know James Blond Through an Intimate Interview About His Musical Passions and Gay Porn Career Aspirations

Meet James Blond, a 21-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio, standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches with a shoe size of 11 US. James is a handsome individual with moderate facial hair, kind eyes and a 7 inch cock. His somewhat short-cut hair has a blond sheen when the light hits it, adding to his overall appeal. His compelling smile and articulate speech make him stand out in a crowd. In terms of fashion, James is spotted wearing a tee shirt that proudly displays the logo of the "Hard Rock Guitar Company," showcasing his love for music. Despite his striking appearance, James is relatively new to studio work, making this his first experience in such a setting. James is currently enjoying warm weather and has graduated from high school. He has one sibling and is an individual who appreciates quiet moments, studying, mathematics, and video games.

A pianist, he also participated in marching band during his high school years. Music is a significant part of James's life, and he is a member of a band. While they have done bar gigs, James aspires to focus more on writing original music. Currently, he hasn't found a full-time job, and he's working in the studio to support his musical passion. He has traveled extensively across the United States with his band, spending a full month on the road. James identifies as more of an introvert and, during his high school years, dated girls. However, his primary focus now seems to be on his music and personal growth. With his passion for music and dedication to creating original content, James Blond is on a unique journey to carve out his space in the music industry.

James decided to apply for a broke straight boys studio performance because he has an exhibitionist side to him. Got into it by making an explicit twitter and doing onlyfans. Overall he discovered that gay for pay made more payout than straight porn. During his first time collaborating he jerked off with another dude and that was a year and half ago. James explains there is more of a process and professional pressure with studio than with onlyfans collabs. So far he has met studio mates Andy & Archie. As far as willingness to do certain man on man actions, James is open minded. He is willing to kiss another dude, top, bottom, and even breed or felch. He is open to tasting other guys cum but feels a tad nervous. The director explains that the plan is for James to bottom in his first scene to see how things go. When asked about what James would do with the funds, he explains that the money is needed to pay off some bills and cover his daily expenses. Says to the members he is excited to be here and hopes they enjoy. Give the new guy some love, comments, share opinions and more.

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