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Flip Fuck Results In Cum Oozing Holes With Archie & James

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Archie Paige, James Blond

From Rimming to Creampie Archie and James Are Determined And Pushing Each Other Towards Reaching New Sexual Heights!

The scene begins with Archie and James kissing intimately. Archie has on purple underwear and James is wearing gray boxers. Archie takes control by removing the boxers from James. Archie kisses all over the torso of James, then goes for his cock. As Archie sucks away on James' hard cock, he notices how incredibly thick and long it is. He can feel every inch of it sliding past his lips and down into his throat. Meanwhile, James is enjoying the intense pleasure that this talented young man is giving him. His hands are running through Archie's short brown hair, and he can feel himself getting closer and closer to release. James has a thick blonde bush that is on display for the camera while Archie gives the blow job. Next it is Archie's turn to get a blow job. Tall James bends forward to slobber on Archie's long meat shaft. James gives great oral while the studio lights brighten his blonde hair. Suddenly James positions his ass above Archie's face.

Archie begins rimming James with a carnal intensity. The tight anal entrance gets saturated with saliva and the ring of muscles relax slightly. As Archie's tongue works its magic on James' tight hole, moans of pleasure echo in the room. Meanwhile James sucks on Archie's rigid rod. Archie spits on the bottom's tight puckered hole then asks if James is ready for penetration. James gets on all fours with his back arched and round butt in the air. Archie slides his big dick inside James' sweet ass. As Archie's thick shaft plunges deep into James' tight anal cavity, both men let out a groan. James' round ass cheeks quiver with each thrust from Archie's powerful meat missile. The clapping sound of Archie's crotch hitting James' giant peach butt fills the room. Top Italian stallion Archie dominates his bottom with rough tenacity. James is strong and able to take a rough pounding from Archie.

After several moments Archie warns he is about to reach climax. He pulls his big dick out of James' ass and blasts a squirt of cum across the room. Then Archie licks James' hairy cum drenched hole. It becomes time to switch and James gets his turn being on top. Suddenly James drives his hard cock inside of Archie's tight butt. The musician James thrusts in a rhythmic motion filling Archie with big dick. Despite the initial discomfort of being penetrated by such a large manhood, Archie quickly becomes aroused by the intense sensation of being filled up. James says he is going to blow his load, Archie insists he fill him up. James turns Archie into a creampie cum oozing bottom boy. The glossy globs of white sticky cum squirt out of Archie's hole. The two boys have one last kiss and the scene comes to an end.

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