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I'm Straight But Desperate Enough To Try Anything Once

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Marlin, Damien Ford

In doing a members choice shoot, we got a great response from some members that wanted to see Damien and Marlin do another shoot that would involve some fucking. When I spoke to both on the phone to let them know that people enjoyed watching them get off, they were excited! Agreeing to come into the studio, we setup a time the following afternoon. When they arrived Marlin was all dressed up in his designer clothes and glasses. He wasn't too happy with me when I told him to take off the shades for the camera. Both guys took a seat on the couch and started out with saying hi to everyone watching and that's when Marlin started showing off. I let him stand up and pose for the camera, and even let him put on his sunglasses to strike a pose. Damien was kind of shocked when I just wanted Marlin to pose for the camera and not him, but I asked the two of them which one was going to top and bottom. The response that Damien said that he was going to bottom and Marlin was going to top. This was going to be Damien's second time taking a dick up his ass, and Marlin still has never tried it. I told him he would be coming back to bottom for the first time on camera soon after I learned that. Getting back to Marlin undressing he had on layers of shirts and so it took him a while to get down to his underwear. After he was finished I panned over to get Damien getting undressed out of his clothes. The guys didn't stay in their underwear for long I had them get completely naked, so that they could start interacting with one another. As Damien sat there on the couch and the two played with their dicks while we talked, he slapped his boner against his hand making a smacking noise. After they helped me change the couch into a bed, they both took a position on their sides in order to do the 69. This would allow them to suck each other off at the same time, and I filmed them each doing it a little bit different. After just a few minutes it seemed like both of them were hard, and I asked Marlin if he was ready to try topping. Damien got on his back and had his head propped up on some pillows, kind of putting him in a ball position. Marlin got a condom on and moved into place right behind Marlin's asshole. As he tried to direct his dick to go right in, he didn't seem to be getting anywhere close. The two of them were kind of made to work together in trying to get the dick in. Marlin even changed positions a couple of times and to see if that would help. I knew that with each failed attempt Marlin was getting more nervous so I told them to go ahead and try the doggie-style position. That happens to be easier, because than the person topping can see the hole for himself rather than just feeling around with the tip of his dick. Marlin was able to slide his dick all the way in, and the only part that seemed to strike Damien's pain nerve was when he went from almost pulling out to as deep as possible. Slowly Marlin was able to build up a pace that he could maintain to keep fucking Damien. The two were pretty quiet while the fucking was taking place and it wasn't until I reminded Damien to breath that he started to make some sounds. Damien's hole was trying to place Marlin's dick out, and it was becoming a challenge to keep going. Giving them some advice, the first step when it comes to anal sex is having the other person ride it first for someone who has never bottomed before. This allows the person to stay in total control over speed, depth, and place. The guys changed position and Damien just sat right down on the dick, and as he started to ride it. He paused and my first thought was that he was still in pain, but it wasn't his ass it was his knees. Readjusting they were able to continue and as Damien went to work riding the dick, Marlin grabbed the cock in his hand to jerked him off. Even though Damien didn't seem to be showing much emotion on his face, his body was telling me that he was enjoying the pleasure that was coming from riding that cock. He let me know that he was getting close to cumming, and I told him to just shoot his load when he was ready. A few seconds later, he unloaded a huge load of cum all over Marlin's stomach. After getting off he was too sensitive to continue riding, so he got off the cock in order for Marlin to jerk himself off. It took Marlin a few minutes in order to have his orgasm, but when he came his stomach was covered in cum. His belly-button was full of cum and I asked him to taste it, he went for a different area as to not get that much on his finger. Putting the finger to his tongue he tasted the cum for the first time, and made a face expressing it was nasty. Turning to Damien I wanted to see if the straight boy had would do a dare and try tasting the cum as well. Running his finger on Marlin's belly he got some cum and tasted it. They were ready to get cleaned up, but I reminded Marlin that I was going to get him to bottom one of these days.

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