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Santas 3 Elves Stop By For A Quick 3 Some

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Darron Bluu, Nico Max, Ricky Bobby

Clad in his Santa pants and a white tank top, Darron already has the direct attention from the two other elves. Nico and Ricky quickly remove his pants and his underwear to suck his long, hard cock. Shortly after, the bells from their elf hats get too much in the way, and are thrown to the floor so the boys can have direct access to Darron's shaft.

Nico and Ricky remove their shirts, revealing smooth chests underneath. Taking turns sucking Darron's cock and removing articles of clothing, in between stealing kisses from the lucky center of attention, the boys play. Touching themselves, and sharing the hard dick. Nico's gold chain bounces against Darron's bare stomach as he takes Darron's dick into his mouth.

As all good elves learn, it's important to take turns. This time, it's for Nico's cock to get the attention it wants. Darron's throat is quickly filled with Nico's girth, as he shoves his head onto his shaft and Darron swallows the precum in his throat. Breathless and ready to share the love, Ricky takes his position in the center of the trio, cock hard and ready for wet lips. Darron's job is to keep Ricky's mouth occupied while Nico is meant to keep his dick hard. The boys work hard to make sure the rise and fall of Ricky's body continues in rhythm.

"Alright, let's go," are the only words Ricky needs to get his dick positioned perfectly to enter Nico's ass. He jumps on top of Nico and slides himself in with great enthusiasm, ready to pound his hole while his mouth is fucked by Darron's cock. A dick at each end of his body keeps this elf occupied. Nico's moaning fills the room as Darron mounts him deeper, with his balls slapping against his taint with every pump. His balls brush the mattress as they swing with the force of Darron's fucking.

Nico gets to enjoy the pleasure of Darron's mouth on his cock when he is turned upside and fucked in the ass and mouth by the two elves. His stifled screams get interrupted when Nico chokes him with his dick. Another switch allows Nico to enjoy Darron's tight hole, while Ricky uses Darron's mouth to pleasure his balls. It's this sensation that brings Ricky to ultimate orgasm, releasing his load onto Darron's face with a final slide into his moaning mouth.

Next to enjoy his creamy ending is Darron, high from the cum on his face and the cock in his ass. He explodes onto himself with great pleasure. The curly-haired elf gets to enjoy his Christmas treat last, blowing his load onto the bottom elf in one, swift movement of pleasure. Leaving Darron to catch his breath under the weight of Ricky's balls on his face, and Nico's cock resting on his as the two make out above him.

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