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Jake And Jamie Have Sex After A Fun Day At The BeachAdd Movie to your Favorites

Jake and Jamie need to get comfy, and that means a LOT less clothing. Jamie slides his pants and underwear off in one fell swoop, ready to get naked after a fun day at the beach. "Would you mind if I sucked your dick?" Jamie asks before getting the go-ahead to lean over and make Jake's cock hard with his mouth.

Jamie has a lot of experience under his belt teaching new tops some of his tricks. The hot BJ helped out quite a bit. Jake was ready to pound a hot ass, but not before getting to his knees and making sure Jamie has tasted every inch of his massive dick. From his mouth to his asshole, Jamie slide Jake's cock inside him with purpose.

He squats down on the raw dick and plays with himself as he bounces himself full. Soon, he gives up the control and lets Jake stand on the floor while he poises ontop of the bed, his ass in the air and backed up onto Jake's so-hard cock. The top grabs Jamie's hips to get the full counterbalance, his dick filling that hole like he owns it.

Jamie bites his pierced lip as he takes Jake's entire rod, laying on his back with his legs in the air. The porn moans in the background when Jake and Jamie touch their cocks, coaxing them to completion. As their balls touch ever so slightly, Jake explodes onto Jamie just at the woman is coming on screen. In unison, they squirt hot loads, giving Jamie permission to bust a nut as well.

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