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Find Out Why Harrison Todd Wants To Do Porn

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At the prime of his life, Harrison Todd is a fresh 23 years old, born in North Carolina and a child of a nurse and a marine. He spent a lot of his childhood moving around to military bases throughout the US. This nomadic lifestyle made it hard for Harrison to get a stable, long-lasting connection with friends. Fortunately, he is of the 21st century, so he retreated to the online form of connections where he was able to connect no matter where he was living.

Harrison was mostly a theater kid, enjoyed acting and performing in front of people (perhaps the roots of his exhibitionist kink). Broke Straight Boys is his first porn studio and Harrison is super excited to learn about the industry and make connections with other models. The chemistry is great off screen, and members are excited to see how that translates to on-screen fucking!

When he was budding in his sexuality, Harrison dated girls since elementary school until he had a feeling in the guy's locker room in middle school. He was curious, without any idea of what to do with it. Until he went to college, he met a guy on an app and hooked up in the college dorm. He was completely sober and the evening's ambiance lead Harrison to enjoy the first time a guy has touched and sucked his dick.

The sexual horizon for Harrison Todd is opening wide as he embraces life's rights of passage. While he can appreciate a good Daddy, Harrison also likes the ladies, especially the asses. In fact, that's the common thread of his 'type.' If there's a nice ass, he is excited just by it 'being right there.' Harrison's first time topping was recently, with a first-time bottom, and once they got into it, he leaned into the experience. He described it like a 'monster' awoke within him.

Harrison Todd is full-on embracing every sexual experience he can get, and he loves every minute of it. His parents may suspect his sexual fluidity, and this time away in college is probably a good space away from the conservative, military father. Due to the family drama, he hasn't shared with anyone that he is planning on doing porn. It's more of his dirty little pleasure all for himself.

As a Broke Straight Boys fan himself, Harrison can't wait to become a Broke Straight Boy himself, as another right of passage into growing as a human. And what better way than diving head-first into the sexual experiences. His Twitter (@harris_sinn) and tube site accounts are another way members can learn more about this cutie Harrison Todd. Enjoy this horny, young adult as he ventures on his 'sex vacation' and self-discovery journey.

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