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Jacob Vargas, Jeremy Watson

I decided to pair up Jacob and Jeremy together, just because they seemed to have a couple of things in common. In Jeremy's solo shoot he told me that back in his home town he has been known as the converter. He got that name, because after the guys would have sex with him, they would come back for more and supposable they were straight. Jacob raised one eyebrow when he heard this and then we told Jeremy his story. About how Jacob happens to be engaged to a girl, and will do shoots with guys for pay. Jacob even said that he has been recognized in public a few times, and people have offered him money if he would sleep with them. Jacob turns them down, because he only does work in the studio and that is it. We moved on in the shoot deciding what the guys were going to do as far as anal goes. No matter what I wanted them to fuck, but the high hopes was that they would flip flop with topping and bottoming. Both guys stood up to get undressed taking off their shirts first, and then going for their pants.

I had Jacob show his ass to the camera, just because he has such a nice bubble butt. We even had Jeremy spank him on the ass once for fun, and then we had Jeremy show his ass as well. The guys took a seat and the first thing we had them do was work on getting hard. When it appeared that Jacob was close I had Jeremy start to give Jacob head. This was always one of Jacob's favorite parts, because one time after a shoot he said that he can't get enough oral. At one point Jacob was either turned on or just wanting to move on, because he pushed Jeremy back and told him it was his turn. Jacob got up and positioned himself down on his knees in front of Jeremy to suck his dick. He put the soft dick in his mouth and started to suck on it. Using his mouth Jacob was able to get Jeremy hard and Jeremy liked it, because he kept moving around and moaning. I had the guys switch places, so that we could get Jacob as hard as possible so that he would be able to fuck. From the facial expressions on Jacob's face he was ready to do more. When I asked if he wanted to fuck Jeremy, I got an immediate yes and he hopped up to grab a condom. His boner was jumping all around and it actually was funny to watch.

The guys got into place on the bed and Jacob pushed his cock deep inside Jeremy's ass. When I asked Jeremy the last time he got fucked, he couldn't remember so that meant that he was going to be tight. It took Jacob a minute or so to get going, but once he was able to start moving in and out the action began. Jeremy added to the action by riding the cock that was fucking him also, and the two were getting into it. I told the two of them that they could switch positions, and Jeremy said no, while Jacob said that Jeremy sounded like his soon to be wife. Jeremy sat more up, causing him to be in more of riding position and the two of them both kept going. It was when Jacob's dick accidently came out that they switched positions for us. Jeremy hopped on his back and Jacob was working up a sweat fucking as fast as he was. The guys were in the middle of the action when Jacob pulled out and took off his condom.

Stroking his dick for a minute, Jacob gave me a warning that he was about to cum. Sure enough only seconds later he shot his load all over Jeremy's stomach. It was a good size load that really did cover Jeremy, and after that I told Jeremy that it was his turn to get off for us. Jeremy started to stroke his dick, and Jacob was good about playing and touching Jeremy's balls to get him turned on. To see if he could do more to get Jeremy turned on Jacob moved around on the couch, and started to suck on Jeremy's nipples. This seemed to do the trick, because Jeremy got harder and soon let out a warning that he was about to cum. Just like that Jacob lowered his face right down to Jeremy's dick and it appeared to me that Jacob was going to get a facial. When Jeremy came it was more of a dribble, so the facial didn't work out. His load was creamier than Jacobs. Afterward I ask them what they were going to spend their money on and Jacob said his was going towards gas. I told them both that I wanted them to do more work in the future, and both wanted to come back. Stay tuned to see which boys are in the studio next.

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