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We Use Girls To Bait The Straight Guys Then Switch To Guys

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Jacob Vargas, Jeremy Watson, Joe Birch

I brought Joe back for another shoot, because he has only just begun to break out of his shell and experiment on camera. Only because he gets paid for it of course, and wants to make some money to pay his bills. Joe's girlfriend still has no idea that he has been doing porn to bring in his money, and I think that he wants to hold out in telling her not knowing how she would respond. As I thought about it I threw out that maybe the two of them could do a shoot for to see if it would be something she would try. Anyways there was no way that Joe would cheat on his girlfriend with another girl, so that was when I brought up that I had the perfect plan for a shoot. I wanted him to fuck a dude, and that he would make $1200 for doing it. Hearing the dollar amount settled that decision and he was up for doing the shoot. That was when I had Jeremy come into the room. He took a seat on the couch, and I tried to see if Joe would let Jeremy fuck him. There just was no way that he wanted to take a dick in his ass. The shoot couldn't be too easy for Joe to do, so I told him that I had one more surprise for him. I had a third model that I wanted to bring into the shoot, and that was Jacob. All three guys had names that started with the letter J. Putting more pressure on Joe, I told him that he had to decide if the shoot was going to happen and all the guys had to give me a hot show to make $1200 around. Joe had done his first oral scene with a guy earlier in the week and did fine. The other guys gave Joe a hard time that if he couldn't do the fucking that they would fuck him. I told them to go ahead and strip down to their underwear. All three guys stood up and as they got undressed I talked to them. Joe was our straight boy, Jeremy was our gay boy, and Jacob was our gay for pay boy. Once they were down to their underwear I had them take a seat and start playing with themselves to get hard. I put on a bi porn so that all of them would have something to watch in the porn that would turn them on. Looking at each of the guys I noticed that Jacob had a huge cock that he was stroking. I had him stand up for me, so that I could see how big he really was. As he was standing there he stopped touching his dick for a moment and told me that its 8 inches long. It was a throbbing monster that would be great for fucking, and that was when I remembered that he was one of the models that had a great ass as well. Turning around I had him take off his underwear for us to see, and sure enough he had a bubble butt. Just for fun I had him slap his ass to watch it shake, and he just let out a laugh as he did it. He took a seat and then I looked over to Jeremy, and his cock was hard as well. I had him stand and he told me that he was around 7.5 inches, and guys take their dick size with pride. Spinning around I had him show his ass and it was more flat, but I noticed his back tattoo that he had. Joe was working on getting hard, but having some difficulty. To get things moving along I had them start doing oral in a train fashion on the couch. Jeremy sucked on Joe, who was busy sucking on Jacob's monster cock. Then they turned and went in the other direction. To get Joe as hard as possible I had Jacob and Jeremy both give him head and lick his balls at the same time. Joe loved it, and was moaning from having the two guys lick and suck him. Jacob sucked on Joe's nipple and after all that attention it seemed like Joe was as hard as he ever was going to be. All of them were ready to start the fucking and once they had the room ready it was only a matter of deciding what position to start out in. Jeremy got on his hands and knees and Joe moved in behind him. When the two of them were ready, Jacob helped direct Joe in by spreading Jeremy's ass open. Joe pushed his cock all the way in as deep as he could go. He began to pull out and right before he got to the tip, he shoved his dick right back in and repeated. Picking up speed and getting a little rougher with it. As Joe was busy fucking Jeremy, Jacob reached underneath and jerked Jeremy off as he was getting fucked. The moans from Jeremy were getting louder, and so Jacob directed him toward sucking on his dick, and for sure that made him a little quieter. Watching them they all were hot and in the moment. After a while Jeremy got into another position on his back, and Joe just kept right in there fucking. I could tell that Jacob was getting bored just watching the action all taking place. He told Joe that he wanted a turn to fuck Jeremy. Joe pulled out and went up on the side to jerk off, and Jacob put a condom on. It took a minute for Jacob to be able to get his dick all the way into Jeremy's ass considering his size. Joe let out a shout that he was getting close to cumming and sure enough he shot his load right onto Jeremy's chest. After he came, he just kind of sat back and relaxed knowing that his part was done. Jacob pulled out and took the condom off, so that he could get off as well. However, Jeremy was so turned on after getting fucked that he shot his load next. The last one to get off was Jacob, who when he came filled Jeremy's bellybutton with cum. All the guys did a great job, and afterword Joe admitted that it wasn't that bad fucking a guy, and that it was actually fun.

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