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Getting To Know Drew Stone

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From the land of corn and cows, Drew Stone is an adorable 24-year-old Nebraskan with aspirations to do his best for Broke Straight Boys and its members. He is from the biggest of the small towns, singing and dancing his way through high school.

But it's time for him to consider leaving the nest. Drew is working waiting tables in hopes of making enough to get out of his midwest town of Lincoln. When he's not working, his focus is on going to the gym - what else is there for one to do!?

This tattooed and pierced rebel was a true teenager, going against his parents' wishes and gauging his ear, getting tattoos, and being all-around naughty. Fitting he should end up at the BSB studios! His body has always been scrawny, so when he discovered the joy of working out and lifting weights, he learned how to really enjoy his own body. Thank goodness, because otherwise he wouldn't be here to show it off.

Drew shares the tough side of the OnlyFans lifestyle, and the difficulty of making a living on the tube sight. That is the main reason he is so excited to do studio work, and has been extra pleased with how simple and comfortable it has been to work with Broke Straight Boys especially. For all of you like Drew (members interested to turn model), check out Drew's journey and research methods for a few hints and tips.

Even though he was a bit nervous, his open-minded circle of friends really helped him get excited for the BSB filming experience. His first scene wasn't a walk in the park - turns out it's not easy having sex on camera with someone you've just met.

Watch to get to know more about Drew's sex life, his first sexual experience, and what his first scene entails. In addition, Drew wishes that members will enjoy what they see, and can accept him as a nice guy who likes to have sex and make money along the way.

Stay tuned for more scenes with Drew Stone and his sexy, laid-back vibe!

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