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Basic Training Then Cums Butt Camp

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Masyn Thorne, Hugo Santana

Hugo and Masyn don’t waste any time messing around, getting right to the fun stuff as they close the door and start making out.  They pull their shirts off and Hugo teases Masyn’s nipples before getting him on the bed and teasing that cock next!  Masyn moans for more as Hugo pulls that dick in and out of his warm, wet mouth, getting Masyn rock hard before kissing him some more.  Masyn, being the kinky guy he is, loves to taste his cock and cum on Hugo’s tongue as they make out.  But Masyn needs some dick in his mouth too and goes for Hugo’s delicious meat, giving him head and then flipping him over so he can play with that ass. 

Rimming and licking that hole, Masyn lubes Hugo up and pushes his raw cock into him slowly, filling him up as Hugo gasps as each inch stretches his tight hole more and more.  Once Masyn has that ass warmed up, he fucks him harder and deeper, still going a little easy on Hugo as he takes that virgin ass!  Hugo turns onto his back so he can rub his own dick, stroking it up and down as Masyn fills him up inside.  Masyn pumps into Hugo until he can’t take that tight ass anymore and pulls out to shoot his load all over Hugo.  Hugo nuts next, squeezing a big load out of his cock as Masyn cums again, leaving Hugo a sticky, sore, freshly-fucked mess!

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