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Masyn Thorne

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.9 (175cm)
  • Weight: 150
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.64/5

In his own words:

"I am very energetic and bubbly but I also have a serious side when it comes to achieving my goals. "

Our comments:

"Masyn is a ball of energy that has a sex drive that just doesn't stop. He knows how to work his body and is a fun loving guy to be around. "

  • Masyn And Johnny After The Scene

    After the two boys have sizzling hot, aggressive sex, we get their thoughts on how they connected. Find out if Johnny is completely exhausted, or if he has another round.

  • Shut The Fuck Up Bro

    Masyn takes out some aggression on Johnny in this hot, dominant scene. The guys start with some innocent oral pleasure, and leads to Johnny being pinned down and fucked hard in the ass.

  • Masyn And Johnny Before The Scene

    Team PlayStation or team Xbox? Find out who likes what when athletic Masyn and blonde twink Johnny catch up with us.

  • Masyn And Lucas After The Scene

    We talk to Masyn and Lucas after an intense fuck. Find out what Masyn is a master at, and what Lucas thought about Masyn’s large cock.

  • Masyn Pounds Lucas

    Masyn shows Lucas who’s the boss, asserting his dominance while getting his dick sucked. After returning the favor, he uses that big dick to give Lucas intense pleasure as Masyn fucks him from behind, and then on his back.

  • Masyn And Lucas Before The Scene

    We check in with Masyn and Lucas as they return to our site ready and excited. They find out about each other on the plane, and we find out who tops who.

  • Masyn And Hugo After The Scene

    Get Hugo and Masyn's thoughts on their hot scene as we ask them a few questions while they catch their breath after all that fucking!

  • Basic Training & Butt Camp

    Masyn treats Hugo right since it's Hugo's first time getting fucked in the ass! And once they get going, all that fucking and sucking makes both these guys cum hard!

  • Masyn And Hugo Before The Scene

    Masyn and Hugo take a few minutes to chat with us before we get the filming started on their scene. We find out what Masyn has been up to while he's been away, and learn more about our new guy Hugo!

  • After The Scene Masyn And Blake

    Blake and Masyn just finished shooting their load and now they get to tell us their favorite parts of their scene!

  • Masyn Thorne Bends Blake Over

    Enjoy watching Masyn and Blake suck each other's cock before Masyn fills Blake up with his naked shaft.

  • Before The Scene Masyn And Blake

    In this free behind the scenes update, Masyn and Blake tell us what they've learned during their week here at BSB.

  • Masyn Thorne Can't Work During Pandemic

    Come keep Masyn Thorne company during quarantine as he busts a nut for you!

  • After The Scene Ethan And Masyn

    Mason doesn't hold back as he tells us about his experience bottoming today and we appreciate his honest insight as we learn about their take on the scene!

  • Ethan Steel Pounding Masyn's Hole

    In this amazing scene Masyn is dominated from behind as Ethan sticks his hard cock deep inside.

  • Before The Scene Ethan And Masyn

    This fun pre-scene interview with Masyn and Ethan visits a few interesting topics including fantasies and how they lost their virginity. Learn more about these guys in this free bonus update!

  • After The Scene Calhoun And Masyn

    Masyn may not have been able to take all of Calhoun's big dick but he made up for it in other ways! See what these studs thought about their performance and what they liked most!

  • Masyns Fucking Calhoun's Tight Ass Raw

    Masyn tries his best to fit Calhoun's thick, long cock in his ass but when he can't take it, they switch places and suddenly it's Calhoun who's taking a dick!

  • Before The Scene Calhoun And Masyn

    Take a behind the scenes peek with Calhoun and Masyn, who divulge their upcoming plans and how they prepped for today's scene!

  • After The Scene Masyn And James

    Before Masyn and James go enjoy the rest of their evening, we sit them down and chat with them about how their scene went!

  • James Gets Fucked By Masyn Raw

    James busts a nut with Masyn's cock buried deep inside his ass after he gets fucked hard by eager and horny Masyn!

  • Before The Scene Masyn And James

    In this free before the scene update, Masyn and James share what they've learned about each other and James tells us how he got himself put on bed rest while he was away...

  • After The Scene Masyn And Blaze

    Catch up with Blaze and Masyn before they hit the shower and see what these guys enjoyed most about their scene together!

  • Masyn Thorne Fucks His Buddy's Ass

    Two new guys in the studio today: Blaze Austin and Masyn Thorne. Enjoy as Blaze gets his tight ass fucked in so many positions!

  • Before The Scene Masyn And Blaze

    Blaze and Masyn sit down with us to talk about what they've learned about each other and what they want to bring you in their upcoming scene!

  • Getting To Know Masyn Thorne

    In this free bonus behind the scenes interview, we talk with newbie Masyn Thorne. You may recognize him from College Dudes, but see what brings him to BSB now!

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  • cliffsd1 on 03/13/2021

    Masyn is sooo fucking hot and, I love his commanding ways!

    • harlanny on 01/31/2021

      Masyn is beautiful, more body hair please!

      • Hockeyman39 on 01/13/2021

        Mayson I wish you were here now so I could rim you and suck you off now! Love your INK and you as well!

        • Dougman1 on 01/08/2021

          Mayson you are the best. I would really like to see you get fucked again. Please try to do it. You've come a long way and I really like the video you did for us during quarantine. Thank you. Stardom is within your reach Bro. You always come across as being caring, loving, conscious of the other one's needs. Not everybody does. Keep up the good work.

          • Lancepat on 08/17/2020

            Please bring Masyn back SOON!!! I want to see him being fucked.

            • br6205 on 07/30/2020

              This is a step up from FraternityX where he participated as a top I too want to see him bottom

              • br6205 on 01/31/2021

                In the meantime I have seen him bottom elsewhere & he did a good job. Please convince him do some more bottom scenes

              • gamalvin on 05/20/2020

                Hey Masyn OMG! I did not put 2 & 2 together until now. I am definitely a fan of yours on the BSB/CD. You’re the BEST Uber rider ever, thanks for riding with me today. I really wish I would’ve realized when I was taking you to the airport that you were one and the same and that I’ve seen all of your scenes.

                • Hockeyman39 on 05/18/2020

                  Hey Masyn: I'd love to spend the time in quarantine together with you and orally drain your NADS too!

                  • BadJack on 04/25/2020

                    When do we get to see that beautiful butt of Masyn's get rimmed and fucked?

                    • anonymous on 04/16/2020

                      I like him he's beautiful and love the natural public hair 😍 Think he could be a great porn 🌟 Star. He's a 4.5/5 so far. I'll have to see a flip scene or two before judging though. Very affable. We like you kid! Keep up your hottness but authenticness too. Don't fake it.