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Sky Clesi Jerks Off On The Couch

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Sky Clesi

Say hello to new guy, Sky Clesi, who was certainly nervous when he got here but seems to be working through his first-time jitters as we talk him out of his clothes for you. As he strips out of his clothing piece by piece, he reveals a lean, smooth body, firm ass and nice big cock, already a little hard as he takes a seat on the couch and takes that dick in hand. Running his hand up and down his shaft slowly, he shows off his beautiful blue eyes as he gazes into the camera before closing them and enjoying the sensation of his own fingers wrapped around his member.

His hands take a break from their gentle strokes on his prick as he pulls them up his body and plays with his nipples before returning to his cock and getting more comfortable as he lies back on the couch.  He’s quiet, but as he gets closer to orgasm, you can hear gentle, soft moans slip between his lips as his cheeks get red and he works his hand a little faster over his cock. His toes are curled tight as he relishes the feeling of working himself closer to nutting until finally he can’t hold back any longer and frees his cum, letting it spill across himself as he finishes out his first solo scene!

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