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Kyle Lovern Shows What Hes Been Hiding In His Pants

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Kyle Lovern

Kyle Lovern came to us pretty nervous, but now those nerves are turning into excitement as he gets his solo scene underway. We help ease him out of his clothes as he shows us his body, lean and toned and tight, with an ass hole just as fresh and taught.  We don’t want to keep him from his debut and as he takes a seat on the couch he takes his cock in hand and starts to pull on it, working that dick and stroking the length of his shaft as he grows harder. 

His free hand grips the base of that huge cock as he continues to move up and down, biting his lower lip as he pleasures himself, focusing his fingers on that sensitive tip. He stands up to give you a better view of his body, continuing to masturbate himself before sitting back down on the couch as his knees get weaker with his approaching orgasm. His breathing catches in his throat and his muscles tighten across his body until he finally shoots his load, his cum landing all over himself as he milks out the last drop.

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