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Track And Soccer Guy Derek Cline Jerks Off

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Derek Cline

Derek Cline is new to BSB and new to porn, but this sexy guy has a unique look and an eccentric personality and he’s ready to shine in his solo scene today!  As he strips down, you can appreciate his toned and fit body, free from tattoos but plenty of hair on his legs and a nice little ass, too.  When we set him loose, he reaches for the lube and eagerly starts to touch himself, having had to hold back his cum all day for this scene. Wrapping his hand around his cock, he slowly strokes himself, getting worked up and harder as his hand travels up and down his shaft. 

He gets into different positions on the bed, each angle letting you enjoy a different part of that hot body while he continues to masturbate on the bed. Laying down on his stomach, he dry humps the bed, his dick rubbing up against the sheets as he grinds his hips against them, searching for some friction to bring him to orgasm. Trying one last position, he takes himself in hand again and jerks that dick faster and harder, his breath catching in his throat as he works himself to release, his cum spilling across the bed as his muscles tighten and his cock pulses out each last drop of jizz!

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