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Getting To Know Derek Cline With Broke Straight Boys

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In this free behind the scenes bonus update, we introduce you to eccentric and artistic 19-year-old Derek Cline.  This young man from New Jersey isn't afraid to be himself and he knows what he likes and dislikes, taking the honest approach to all things.  Life for him growing up was seemingly ordinary, he got good grades and played sports, but often felt overshadowed by his sister, and although that may have seemed like a bitter upbringing, he has learned patience and vital life lessons from it.  Fastforward to present day, and we find taht Derek made his way to BSB because he's broke and found college to be much too expensive, so he needs some cash and why not earn it doing something he!  When he's not fucking or masturbating (which he does plenty of), you can find him playing video games, drawing, or painting.  Being very open about sex comes naturally to him, so we know he'll bring an interesting flair to his scenes here on BSB!

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