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James Nearwater Jerks Off

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James Nearwater

James Nearwater is our newest model on BSB, and he’s ready to get to work to earn some cash so he can keep a roof over his head and food on the table.  Relaxing back against the bed, he takes his cock in hand and lubes it up, gripping the slippery shaft as he runs his fingers across it and gets it harder.  His free hand plays with his balls, pulling and rubbing them as he yanks on his dick, his length impressive as he works himself up to his full size. 

Kneeling on the bed, his eyes closed tight against the pleasure as he touches himself, hips thrusting gently into the air as he jerks his cock harder and faster, his balls bouncing as he reaches down to play with them too.  When he lies back on the bed, breaths coming quicker and muscles tensing, you know this horny guys is ready to bust and a few more long strokes of his hand and he’s shooting his cum all over himself, massaging out the very last thrills of his orgasm before lying back to catch his breath.  After this hot solo scene, we're ready to see what else James can do!

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