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Country Boy John Henry Gives Max Jay Proper Initiation

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John Henry, Max Jay

John Henry’s been around for a while, and after he shares some advice with Max Jay, these two hot and horny guys get things started, leaning in for a kiss as they lock lips and make out.  Running a hand over his own dick, Max’s underwear are off soon and John is on his knees in front of him, Max’s cock buried deep in his mouth.  As John sucks that prick, Max moans breathily and John gags on it as it takes it deeper down his throat than before.  They switch places so that John can enjoy feeling Max’s warm, wet mouth wrapped around his prick as he deepthroats him and works that dick with his soft lips. 

But John gets more than he bargained for as Max leans him over the couch and rims that tight pink asshole, his tongue tracing circles around the ring of tight muscle as John buries his face in his arm and bucks his hips against Max’s mouth.  When John’s hole is dripping wet Max stands behind him and pushes his dick inside of John, that ass spreading open to accept Max’s thick member as he begins to fuck him raw and hard.  Taking him from behind for a while, they switch it up and move to the chair as Max lets John ride him, bouncing his ass up and down on Max’s throbbing hard cock as he leans back, feeling Max deep inside of him.  Moving down to the floor, Max gives it to John, pounding him while John plays with himself until both these guys can’t take the pleasure any longer and drain their cocks, cum showering John as they both nut hard and Max leans in for a taste of that sweet seed!

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