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Broke Straight Axel Kane Jerks Off

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Axel Kane

Axel Kane is our new guy and he’s ready to put on a show for you, letting you watch as he jerks off…but first we need to get this sexy man naked!  Dropping his clothes piece by piece, he reveals a very tight, muscular body, solid and well-built but with an ass that still jiggles perfectly.  Turning around, he lets us appreciate every inch of him before he gets to work on himself, giving the camera a devious stare as he grips his cock firmly and starts to stroke it.  Pulling on his length, he lies back on the bed and continues to tug on his member, his lubed up hands slippery against his fat prick and his breaths coming out in gentle moans as his dick stands erect and throbbing hard.  Moving from the bed to standing, his muscles flex as they hold his weight up and his biceps bulge as his fingers grasp at his length, working it faster and harder before climbing back onto the bed.  He gets comfortable, eyes closing and head thrown back, muscles tightened with his impending orgasm as he pumps his cock harder and faster until he strokes out his load and catches his breath and finishes his solo scene!

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