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Buddy Wild Gives His Thick, Hard Cock To Brad SteeleAdd Movie to your Favorites
Buddy Wild , Brad Steele

Brad Steele takes charge as he and Buddy Wild start their scene, kissing each other as they get undressed and Brad works his way down toward Buddy’s waiting cock.  Taking it in his mouth, Brad sucks on Buddy’s shaft, deepthroating that sweet cock as Buddy gets nice and hard on his tongue.  But when it’s Buddy’s turn to give, he treats Brad to a different kind of oral, bending him over the bed and spreading that ass apart as he licks and rims Brad’s hole. 

When Brad’s asshole is slick with spit, Buddy slides a finger inside and plays with it a little before turning his attention to Brad’s balls and cock, running his tongue along them before standing up and pushing his own hard cock into Brad’s ass.  Fucking him bareback, Buddy drives his dick deep into Brad as he climbs on the bed and gives it to him, Brad’s ass bouncing as Buddy slams that dick in and out of him.  Taking him in different position, Brad’s tight hole stretches around Buddy’s throbbing hard cock, his own uncut dick bouncing helplessly as Buddy fucks him raw and hard.  As Buddy spreads Brad’s legs apart, Brad grabs for his own member and strokes it fast until he cums and then lies back to let Buddy finish next!

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